The Neat Garden Design Trend That's All The Rage In 2023

As people move towards home designing around the "less is more" mentality, gardens are not left out because they seek easier ways to maintain their outdoor space. The neat garden is a popular design trend that involves planting in simple rows, and it's taking over. "People are planting simple rows of things instead of mixing up lots of different patterns and trios. I see people doing a row of this and a row of that or layering rows of plants depending on what their space calls for," explains Mark Thompson, co-owner of home and garden store SHOPPE (via Southern Living). 

Previously, home gardens used to be completely mixed up with various types of plants and flowers planted together, but the concept of a neat garden leads to a more organized and visually appealing result. It's also better for the plants because the rows make it easier to reach them and take care of them. 

What is a neat garden all about?

People are thinking more intentionally about their home gardens. Instead of planting just anything and filling up every available space, they want to plan out the garden area more carefully so it can serve the right purpose and also be manageable for them. "Thoughtfully planned, simple spaces that are maintainable and fit the architecture of the house are what I see people doing more of," says Mark Thompson. A neat garden involves arranging plants in straight, evenly spaced lines or rows. It is a return to the traditional or formal style of planting vegetables, which is good since that structure has always been beneficial for their growth.

Neat rows make it easier to tend to plants, identify and remove weeds, keep the roots at a healthy distance from each other, and allow for better access to air and sunlight. They also give a sense of order and symmetry to a garden, boosting motivation to maintain an organized appearance. While you will lose some space planting in rows, having fewer plants to take care of will make gardening much more practical and achievable.

How to create a neat garden

To make your own garden rows, first figure out if you'll be planting in raised beds, directly in the ground, or a mix of both. Note that raised beds will be a bit easier to reach and will keep out pests and animals, but they will require a lot more resources and can't be altered easily. If you're planting in-ground, clear the entire area, smooth it out, and add some compost before tilling the ground.

Next, measure out the lines for your rows based on the spacing requirements written on the seed packets and then mark them out. You should also be able to walk between the rows. Dig between your specified rows, and the little mounds of soil created will be your rows. Plant your seeds with signs to identify them, water very well, and keep tending to your garden as normal. In-ground rows might need a fence or hedge to keep out pests.