Tips For Seamlessly Incorporating A Squatty Potty Into Your Bathroom Design

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By now you've almost inevitably heard about the amazing Squatty Potty and its ability to transform your time in the bathroom. Whether you've been proselytized to at a dinner party or by your mother-in-law, people love them. And they do seem to actually make bowel movements a bit easier, according to WebMD. And while we can accept that they are probably a helpful tool in the bathroom, they are a tad offensive, aesthetically speaking.

Many bathroom stools, like the Squatty Potty and its competitors, come in white, hard plastic. This is practical enough since it's affordable and non-porous, which makes it easy to clean and disinfect. But it sort of takes the refined spa-like energy right out of the room. And if you're someone who values their bathroom as a sanctuary, a place for privacy away from the pets and the kids, then it's shockingly hard to include something so visually displeasing. But there are a few things you can do to get the benefits of the Squatty Potty without losing out on bathroom bliss. Look for an upgraded model that's made from a more high-end material than the standard white plastic, whether you opt for a more natural, organic finish or want a more colorful choice. Additionally, keep the shape of the stool in mind: The function shouldn't be drastically altered as long as the height allows you to sit in a crouching position on the toilet, so you can have some fun here.

Picking the right material

Picking a toilet stool with the right finish is essential to maintaining the vibe in your bathroom. For those who want a zen, tranquil environment, go organic. When we say organic, we mean a very narrow range of acceptable materials. After all, the squatty potty is something that will be in your bathroom next to your toilet, and flushing can spread germs, so being easy to clean and disinfect is a must. That means wicker, rattan, and anything cloth is not a great choice. 

Instead, look for sealed bamboo and teak wood. They have natural grain and contrast, and the warm wood tone is super relaxing. Squatty Potty offers both bamboo and teak stools, and even a few bamboo collapsible models. For a bamboo stool with an industrial edge that will work well in modern farmhouse-style bathrooms, go for one with matte black legs, like this one from WoWoo on Amazon. To find a stool that uses organic material that fits your unique style, you'll only need to do a little browsing.

Focus on the shape

There are also some brands that specialize in petite, aesthetically-pleasing stools, such as Stoolie. They are pretty costly at $79, but come in a variety of stunning colors and are made from eco-friendly material. And most importantly, they have a slimmer profile than the original Squatty Potty. The TUSHY Ottoman is also a top contender for stylish but functional bathroom stools. It's available in two different heights, and the unique design almost gives it the appearance of a modern sculpture — nothing you'd need to hide away before guests come over.

If you ultimately can't find a shape or finish that helps you to maintain your bathroom's aesthetic, you still have one more choice for seamless integration — get a collapsible stool that can hide under the bathroom counter when it's not in use. This may seem burdensome, but imagine using it like you would any other tool you don't always need access to in the bathroom. One pro is that collapsible models are widely available and can be found in almost any price range. Hot tip: If you're buying strictly for function, there's no real reason you can't just buy an ultra-affordable collapsible step stool.