Why The Murphy Bed Is The Perfect Way To Maximize Your Guest Space

While versions of Murphy beds, also called wall beds, have been around since the nineteenth century, they really gained popularity in the early 1900s to make the most of limited living space. While they never totally vanished from use in small areas, they did lose ground over traditional beds as the decades passed. 

However, more than a century later, people are once again finding that pull-down beds can maximize their living space when it comes to accommodating guests. From craft rooms to home offices and play areas, Murphy beds let you create a flex space for day to day living while still reserving a spot for occasional visitors to rest and relax.

If you've never thought about adding a Murphy bed to your home, they're a great replacement for the sofa bed. Since they hold a mattress upright without having to fold it up, they don't have the dreaded bar-in-the-back that can be uncomfortable to sleep on. Modern Murphy beds are also made in styles that fit into every type of décor making them more attractive than ever to those looking to maximize space in homes and apartments.

Types of Murphy beds

Even if you're the type of person that seems to have guests over every other week, a Murphy bed can still be a great way to maximize the space you have for visitors. There's nothing better than having a sitting area by day, and a sleeping area by night to offer privacy and make them feel at home. Some modern Murphy beds are actually built so that they fold down over a sofa, or a sofa that sits in front can easily be moved away when the bed is opened. Even if you select a more traditional Murphy bed concealed within a cabinet, chairs can sit in front of it by day and then be moved to the side at night.

Other Murphy beds have cabinetry and shelving built around them for storage. When the bed is up, there's plenty of space for setting up a table for crafting or sewing. Other wall beds have permanent desk or work areas adjacent to them so you can have a home office space by day and guest accommodations by night.

When looking at all the different types of Murphy beds available, you'll also find options perfect for turning a child's bedroom into a spot for a guest. Some are small beds that tuck into cabinetry while others are parts of bunk bed and desk units. This gives your kids a place to play, do homework, and still have space for friends to join them for sleepovers.

Getting the right size Murphy bed for your space

Buying the right size is equally as important as choosing the right type of Murphy bed for your purpose. The one you'll choose for your flexible living space will, of course, depend on the dimensions of the room. You'll want to consider the height of the ceiling, and then decide whether a horizontal wall bed would be better than a vertical one. If you have a large enough space, you might be able to fit a queen size Murphy bed into your room instead of a double or twin. Make sure there's enough room to comfortably walk around the bed when it's down with the room configuration you're envisioning.

You'll also want to take the dimensions of the room into consideration when you're deciding on Murphy bed models with added shelving or storage space to avoid overcrowding. This is true whether you're buying a premade unit or having a custom model constructed. Make sure that any furniture you plan on placing in front of it is easily portable as well. With a bit of planning, adding a Murphy bed can indeed help you provide a comfy spot for guests while making more room for you or your family to enjoy your home.