Are You Getting Your Furnace Inspected At The Right Time Of Year?

Timing really is everything, and scheduling your house maintenance and repairs at the right time can save you hundreds of dollars. And while few of us may think of the state of our furnaces when it's hot and sunny outside, it turns out that late summer and early fall are really the best times to get someone in to clean your home's furnace and inspect the appliance for any issues.

It actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it because most furnace companies also tend to work on all parts of HVAC systems — heating and cooling. And when it's hot out, many homeowners will be begging to have these professionals come over to work on their ACs. So a lot of a company's service people will be tied up in other projects in the middle of summer, and they could be booked out months in advance.

But because during summer you won't need your heater for at least a few more months, you have a bit more time to get on their schedule and get the maintenance done. Again, late summer and early fall are optimal times to schedule a furnace check-up. Doing so allows you to get ahead of the season (that is, winter) when you'll need your furnace to be working properly.

Getting your furnace inspected

Even if you're someone who's diligent about replacing the air filter in your furnace, there are a lot of other things that can go wrong slowly and won't be noticed until it's too late and you need to replace the entire unit, a costly proposition. When a technician comes to inspect your furnace, they'll check for rust, dampness, and buildup of any sort that could affect the appliance's health and efficiency. The point of scheduling regular maintenance is to catch any issues before they escalate and become a bigger, more pressing problem.

Scheduling a furnace check-up in the late summer or early fall gives you plenty of time to determine the best course of action, should your furnace need repairs prior to the winter. The same logic holds true for your cooling system, as experts recommend you get your AC checked in the spring — again, before you'll need it once the temperatures rise.

The time of year can affect cost

Getting your furnace inspected before peak season can save you some money, especially if companies offer special deals for off-season services. Consider signing up for mailing lists to learn of any deals and discounts offered throughout the year. Typically, a professional furnace inspection will run you between $70 and $150. This said, if you have an expansive, intricate, or unusual system, expect fees to be more than average.

Further, if you have an older furnace, you may want to consider upgrading your thermostat. If set correctly, a smart thermostat, for example, can help older furnaces run more efficiently and save energy. And if you're OK with small electrical work, you can even replace the thermostat yourself. However, if breakers and wires make you nervous, that's another project you can ask the furnace technician to install during the same service call, sometime in the late summer or early fall months.