Kirstie Bingham

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Olympia, WA
University Of Washington
Home Renovation & DIY, Historical Architectural Styles, Garden Planning
  • In her former vintage home, built in 1924, Kirstie and her husband completed a wide variety of home renovations, including projects in the the kitchen and bathrooms. They also restored period character details that had been removed and renovated an outdoor shed into a light-filled office, which she blogged about on her personal site.
  • Kirstie's piece about how to remove thorny brambles from a yard came from her personal experience of trying to remove a ridiculously large infestation of blackberry bushes at a prior home.
  • She is also an experienced mosaic artist who works primarily in glass and ceramic tiles for decorative art projects, primarily home decor and gifts.


Kirstie has been a writer for all of her life in one capacity or another, and she is thrilled to be able to put her passion for houses, home renovation, architectural history, and gardening to good use at House Digest. She joined Static Media in 2021 and has written for Mashed, Grunge, and House Digest.


Kirstie has a degree in communications with a focus in advertising from the University of Washington, with courses including journalism and communications law.
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