Turn A $6 Ikea Rug Into A Gorgeous Throw Pillow With This Simple Trick

IKEA is a treasure trove when it comes to DIY projects that save you money while allowing you to decorate your house precisely to your specifications. This hack turns a small rug into a beautiful throw pillow for just over $6 when a similar one costs as much as $23.99 on Overstock

The best part about this hack is that there is no sewing required, and it takes about five minutes to complete. All you need is a 1' 10" x 2' 9" IKEA SORTSO woven rug. These come in light blue, olive, and cream colors and cost $4.99 or $5.99, depending on the color you choose. You'll also need a glue gun, glue sticks, and some pillow stuffing.

Fold your IKEA rug in half, and then fold the top half of your first half down. Then you'll want to fold the bottom part over the top half so that the end fringes of the rug will align parallel to one another. This will create a pocket inside you'll fill in the next step. Glue one end of the pillow together and fill the other end with your stuffing. Just glue the final end of your pillow together. Now you have yourself a stylish throw pillow for half the price you'd pay in the store.

How to maintain it

This hack comes to us from @kjg_home, a TikToker who has more than 279,000 followers and 3 million likes from fans who can't get enough of her vlogs about interior design and DIY home décor projects. Many of the page's followers questioned whether or not this pillow could be washed and why it wasn't sewed instead.

Technically, you could sew it, which would make it more likely to stand up against being put through the washing machine. However, as @kjg_home explained, not everyone has a sewing machine or knows how to sew. Plus, if it's a purely decorative pillow, you won't really need to wash it anyway.

Some commenters said that this could still be washed without sewing. Just toss it in your machine on the gentle cycle. An alternative is spot-cleaning it or washing it by hand. Another fan on TikTok suggested using fabric glue, which can be washed in cold water. 

More IKEA SORTSO rug hacks

These IKEA SORTSO rugs are incredibly versatile. TikToker @katiebookser used a super simple hack to transform one into a wall mural. All you need is a rug, a pencil, some acrylic paint, a dowel, string, and a nail or Command hook to hang your DIY work of art. 

Fold about one-third of your rug over a wooden dowel so that the end fringe hangs in the front. Trace whatever design your heart desires onto your rug in pencil, or as @katiebookser explains it, "Just draw some random shapes on the rug." She went with a soft wave pattern.

Next, fill your shapes in with some acrylic paint. @katiebookser used neutral colors in beige and grey, which created a midwestern or desert-like feel in the project's end result. Finally, tie your string to your dowel and hang your brand-new wall mural on the wall from a nail or Command hook. This project is the perfect way to solidify the look of a room by using shapes and colors to tie your décor all together.