The Least Expensive Rugs At IKEA

Rugs are a great addition to almost any room. They offer both decorative and practical value, adding a pop of color while providing traction on the floor, increasing warmth, and absorbing sound to boost the overall acoustics of a room. As The Rug Seller points out, rugs can also brighten a space, tie together your current furniture, be the basis of a color scheme, and allow your home to feel much more grounded.

Rugs, big or small, can tend to be quite expensive, though. Whether shopping at a popular furniture store, a specialized seller, or other online retailers, the price of the options you find may drive you away from including them in your décor. If you're looking for cute rugs on a budget, consider looking at IKEA's catalog, which offers a multitude of different sizes, shapes, and patterned rugs for reasonable prices. Keep reading for three cute and affordable offerings from the Swedish furniture conglomerate.

Tånum rug

If you want to add a trendy touch to a smaller space, one great affordable option from IKEA is the Tånum rug, which costs $8. This rug is 2 feet wide by almost 3 feet long. It is handwoven, and made from the scraps of cotton leftover from various textile productions. This means that no two rugs will be exactly alike, and the color will vary from item to item. You can either treat yourself to an IKEA trip to find one you like the most, or order one online and be surprised.

Since the entire rug is made of cotton, it is very soft and machine washable, making it very easy to clean up stains and spills. This piece would be great as a small hallway or kitchen runner, or as an accent rug in a contained area like a desk or reading nook. It is made in Bangladesh at fair trade and ethical weaving organizations.

Sortsö rug

Another very affordable rug from IKEA is the Sortsö rug, which costs $4.49. The one comes in two colors: unbleached, which is a light and earthy beige, and light blue. The rug is 1 foot and 11 inches wide by 2 feet and 9 inches long. It is also double sided, allowing you to flip it over when it gets dirty or worn between washes. It is made of cotton, making it entirely machine washable, as well as easily vacuumed.

This small piece is a great entry rug, a small throw for your kitchen or bathroom, or, as shown in advertisement photographs, as a small rug for next to your bed. The unbleached color is adaptable for any variety of aesthetics, and the blue is great for a coastal or nautical theme. The rug has small tassels on each end, and a small pattern running through the long end of it.

Klejs rug

The last and cheapest rug sold at IKEA is the Klejs, which costs only $3. It comes in the colors beige and white, which refers to the alternating color scheme. The rug is 1 foot and 8 inches wide, and 2 feet and 7 inches long. It is made up of 69% jute yarn and 31% cotton, and contrary to the previous two rugs, it is not machine washable. The combined materials do make for a warm and soft material, though. It is also the same on both sides, making it reversible.

This is also the smallest of the rugs, so while it may not act like a grand statement piece, it will pair nicely in smaller areas in need of extra textile flare. Aside from using this in a kitchen or bathroom, there are plenty of other creative ways to display it, including in a playroom, by the front door, or on your patio. Or, you can layer it with other rugs, or even hang it on the wall (via PlushRugs).