A Two-Ingredient Solution Will Erase Water Stains On Your Coffee Table

One simple question: are people really not familiar with coasters? It seems that way sometimes, am I right? In any case, those annoying water rings on your coffee table are not the end of the world, even though they do present a bit of a challenge. You might be surprised to know there are actually several different hacks that are helpful in this situation, all of which won't involve going to the store and purchasing anything. The first method requires just two ingredients: salt and olive oil.

These two ingredients work together nicely because the salt pulls the moisture out to the surface through the process of osmosis, which can then be wiped away with a cloth. This tactic is especially helpful for those with white water stains. At the same time, the olive oil saturates the wood and replenishes it, giving the wood a nice shine at the end.

How to use salt and olive oil to remove water stains

To begin, simply make a nice, thick paste using equal parts of salt and olive oil. Now all you need is a clean microfiber cloth, and you're ready to start! Take the cloth and apply the paste to the stains in a gentle, circular motion. Once you've rubbed it well into the entire area, allow it to sit on the stains for a few minutes. Afterward, get a clean, damp cloth to wipe it down with and allow it to dry completely.

This same method also works with a paste made with salt and a few drops of water. Alternatively, you can use olive oil and vinegar in equal amounts. Use a dry sponge to apply it along the grain of the white water ring stains. Then, grab a clean, dry cloth and wipe away the residue. This works in a similar fashion by bringing the moisture to the surface and replenishing the oil in the wood.

Alternative methods

If those methods don't do it for you, the following methods might. Did you know you can use an iron to remove water stains from wood? It's true, but for this one, you'll need to catch it right when it happens. It works best when the wood is still moist. Start with a clean, dry cloth and set your iron on a low setting. You won't be using the steam, so don't add any water to the iron. Put the cloth on the stain and run the iron over it for a few seconds. Check to see if it's gone, and if not, repeat the steps until it is.

If that doesn't work, you can use a hair dryer to achieve similar results. This may be the easiest way of all. Simply turn it on the low setting and slowly go over the stains in a circular motion. They should disappear like magic!