Ben And Erin Napier Are Giving Us Some Serious Countryside Home Inspiration

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Is there any other home interior design as pure and relaxing as a countryside theme? Dwellings across the globe take a little (or a lot) of inspiration from this décor scheme, and while there are numerous ways to make it work for you, Ben and Erin Napier might just have some of the best ideas around to turn your abode into the coziest and chicest country escape. The hosts of "Home Town" have combined original wood structures with antique-style upgrades to turn their space into a truly rustic experience, and their tricks couldn't be more charming.

If you've been looking for ways to turn your home into a countryside getaway, it will come down to embracing natural elements, such as wood interiors, with vintage touches and English designs. Each room should feature neutral shades, including calming creams and whites for areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Mixing nature and quaint details will give you an immersive finished product that will have friends and family feel as if they are enjoying a break from reality, or at least from the hustle and bustle of cityscapes.

Embrace natural elements & neutral tones

One of the biggest elements that Ben and Erin Napier feature in almost every room of their farmhouse abode is wood. Even if your house doesn't have exposed wood beams or copious amounts of this material, you can play it up in other ways. Bringing in wood furniture (such as the Napiers' bobbin poster bed frame) is the easiest way to incorporate the natural feel that goes hand in hand with countryside themes, so use wood headboards, side tables, chairs, and armoires or cabinets, like this Overstock 2-Drawer Server or the Walmart Classic Console Table, to pull the outdoors into your layout. Their home has an entire room dedicated to an analog mahogany interior, which creates an antiquated ambiance reminiscent of vintage farm and country homes. You can achieve this with wooden wall panels, which can be made of everything from planks to shiplap and pallets. And, of course, any time you can include wood flooring, you have access to any easy way to bring the countryside to your designscape.

In order to complement your wood features, varying shades of white paint for cabinets, walls, and even molding can elevate any room and make it feel rustic but airy. Ben and Erin use buttercream and cream shades in their English-style kitchen and in their laundry room, which is made up of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Use dark countertops and darker hinges on drawers and cupboards to make the neutral combinations pop. Try shades similar to Clare's Like Buttah or BEHR's Cotton Sheets for hues similar to the ones seen in the Home Town hosts' interiors.

Get creative with your fixtures and walls

Mixed metals are an easy way to add other colors and materials, with brass or gold faucet additions, such as this from UFINE, being some of the nicest for bathrooms or any area that features sinks or handles. Add in wall sconces made of these metals, too, which will help create more connections between your fixtures throughout the house. Gold-plated wall lighting like this from the Granville Collection selections are ideal for farm and country house themes and work in your hallways and bedrooms, too.

Floral wallpaper, like this example from Meihodan, gives you a different approach to decorating your walls, still playing into a farmhouse chic decor similar to quaint English cottages and country homes. For your walls that aren't covered in a calming hue or adorned with bold floral print wallpaper, which are the best choices for your rustic theme, built-in bookshelf walls are great for adding storage while creating a warm, inviting, and cozy atmosphere. Fill these with books and ornaments that will enrich the entire room with a lived-in vibe that is essential to countryside living. Add vases full of lavender or other wild flora and fauna as a finishing touch for side tables and surfaces, then use textured throws similar to the Amazon Blagic Knitted Blanket and pillows to keep the furniture on the same wavelength as the other "well-loved" designs.