Double Your Shower's Storage Space With This Simple Curtain Rod Hack

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Bulking up your daily shower routine is a great way to make your day-to-day feel more luxurious, but all those body scrubs, hair products, and face washes can take up quite a bit of space. According to Statista, the nearly $30 billion bath and shower products industry isn't showing signs of slowing down anytime soon, and keeping up with all those new products means that sometimes, your typical shower storage solutions just won't cut it. Thankfully, TikTok creator @Sugar7AmyBeth shared a deceptively simple hack that can double your storage in a matter of seconds — all you need to do is install a second shower curtain rod.

While this hack might seem a bit out of the ordinary, it actually presents a low-profile and renter-friendly solution to your shower storage woes. Instead of knocking over carefully-stacked bottles and having to constantly clean up rings of product left behind on your surfaces, you can use this secondary curtain rod to hang additional shower caddies and keep your products accessible, but out of the way. 

How to do this hack yourself

In her video, @Sugar7AmyBeth installs a secondary tension shower curtain rod on the inside of her shower, using the rod to hang an additional shower caddy, as well as a few hooks and rings for items like scrub brushes and loofahs. To replicate this yourself, all you need is a tension shower curtain rod that fits your shower and whatever you plan to hang. Install the rod an inch or two away from the wall, and you'll be able to hang your items without bumping into them while you shower.

Beyond this, the final look is completely up to you. If you're going to add a shower caddy, ensure that it's water resistant and has the proper holes for drainage. You can add some hooks that easily click open and shut to hang exfoliating brushes, you can drape washcloths over the rod after you shower to let them dry, or you could even suspend a mesh bag of your child's bath toys for easy access during bath time.

How to customize this hack to your space

On of the best parts of this hack is how approachable and affordable it is. Tension shower rods are typically only about $5-20, and you can easily customize your selection to match your existing shower rod or desired bathroom aesthetic. This tension curtain rod from Target is a great basic choice for only $5, but there are also more polished options in different finishes available, like this gold one from Amazon for just over $18.

There's also plenty of room to play around with what you want to hang on the rod itself. In her video, @Sugar7AmyBeth uses rings to suspend a shower organizer that would typically adhere to the wall, but you can also find shower caddies and organizers that are designed to hang so you don't have to fiddle with hooks. An option with a clothes-hanger-style hook like this shower caddy from IKEA is the easiest choice, but you can also slide a typical hanging caddy over the end of the curtain rod before installation as well. This shower curtain rod hack gives you plenty of opportunity to work with what you have, so feel free to repurpose any water-safe organizers or extra shower curtain rings you have on hand.