The Decorating Tip You Can Pick Up From HGTV's Home Town For A Truly Custom Look

We always want our homes to look stylish, which is why many people incorporate trends into their spaces. However, only following trends can lead to a space that doesn't feel like your own but rather a copy of the homes you may see around you. Adding elements that are personal to you will go far in making the space feel comfortable and homey.

Erin and Ben Napier from HGTV's "Home Town" know how to make their clients' homes feel custom and personalized. By taking their clients' interests and infusing pieces that are unique to them, the couple creates truly bespoke homes. One of the tips the Napier's go back to design after design is using collections as items of decor in the home.

Erin Napier, in particular, is a fan of stepping out of the box and using unique pieces as decor. The guru has used fishing poles, rolling pins, and colorful baskets as wall decorations. Though they're normal objects, they speak to the homeowners' hobbies and personalities and put them on full display.  In another one of their clients' homes on "Home Town," the Napiers use tiles that their clients had a collection of as a surround for their fireplace. "I love it so much when people have something to give us that's personal that we can design around," Erin tells Realtor

A personal touch

Whatever you collect — vintage tools, fishing gear, or antique toys — a gallery wall is an easy way to display your collection as decor. This gives you a unique way to make a statement with your prized collection while utilizing vertical space. First, consider the weight of the items you plan to display on the wall. In general, when hanging objects, you'll want to find the studs using a stud finder to ensure the item will be secure when hanging. Many lightweight items will be able to hang with a simple screw. But as objects increase in weight, you'll want to use stronger mechanisms. Drywall anchors can typically hold medium-weight objects but you may need heavy-duty toggles for bulkier items. It's a good idea to double-check the weight capacity and installation method on specific hanging products before hanging your collection.

Flat surfaces are an ideal way to display figurines, vases, and other objects. Floating wall shelves and mantles can be perfect to display lighter items in your collection. But for items that are heavy or particularly fragile, a sturdy bookcase or built-in shelves are a better option. When it comes to these displays, spacing is key. Try grouping items together in small vignettes of three or five to create a more natural and lived-in look.

Collect without clutter

If you're a collector, you know that over time you can accumulate plenty of objects. Putting that full collection on display can often make a space feel cluttered. This doesn't mean you should hide them away. Just minimize the clutter by thinking strategically about the placement. Consider choosing your favorite or most impressive pieces to display while keeping the others in storage. Similarly, you can choose the largest pieces to display and create a statement-making focal point. Or, rotate the items that you have sitting out with the ones stashed away to keep your display fresh.

Using lighting is another great way to highlight your objects and make them feel like part of the design rather than clutter. For shelves, you can use backlights or uplights to illuminate the pieces. Collections displayed on walls may benefit from picture lights or sconces. To reduce an overall cluttered appearance, keep the background as neutral as possible. Solid paint colors or subtle patterns that contrast the objects will look better than wallpaper with a busy pattern.