The Hack You Need To Stop Tools From Rusting

Whether you have a treasured collection of tools that has taken years to accumulate, or you simply rely on a trusty set of tools every homeowner should have for quick household repairs, the damaging effect of rust on their performance and lifespan is a concern. Rust not only compromises the structural integrity of tools but can also make them less effective, turning basic tasks into challenges. You'll be glad to know there's a simple and affordable hack to protect your tools from rust, and all it takes is a few inexpensive pieces of chalk.

Over time, exposure to moisture and oxygen can lead to the development of rust on metal surfaces, tarnishing your tools and decreasing their functionality. Chalk possesses unique properties that can help prevent rust, and you don't even have to apply it to individual tools. A couple of sticks strategically placed in your toolbox will absorb excess moisture, significantly reducing the chances of rust formation.

Prevent rust in minutes

To implement the chalk hack and protect your tools from rust, all you need are a few pieces of sidewalk or chalkboard chalk. You can use plain white or colored chalk of any size, although larger pieces will absorb more water. You can find chalk in office supply stores, department stores, and even grocery stores, as well as online retailers. Empty your toolbox and remove any debris or dust that may have accumulated. Wipe the interior surfaces clean to create a fresh environment for your tools, but let it dry before you proceed.

It's a good idea to keep several pieces of chalk in the toolbox. Spread them out evenly, ensuring that each area of the toolbox contains a piece of chalk. Keeping the box securely closed when not in use helps create a controlled environment within the toolbox, with the chalk working to absorb moisture. Periodically check the chalk pieces in your toolbox to monitor their condition. When you notice the chalk starting to diminish or become powdery, it's time to replace it with fresh pieces.

Additional tips and considerations

When it comes to keeping your tools rust-free, there are a few other steps you can take. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to keep your toolbox clean and dry, regularly wiping down the inside surfaces to remove any moisture or debris that may build up over time.

While using chalk can also help prevent rust, inspecting your tools regularly for any signs of rust formation is still necessary. Use sandpaper, steel wool, or vinegar with aluminum foil to remove rust from metal tools before putting them back in the toolbox. You can also apply a thin layer of protective coating or oil to your tools. There are various commercial rust inhibitors and lubricants specifically designed for this purpose, such as WD-40. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper application and use. Taking the time to properly maintain your toolbox can extend the life of your tools and save you money in the long run.