Why You'll Want An Old Wire Hanger While Using Caulk In The House

When working on a project that requires caulk, like filling in cracks in your ceiling, you may have trouble with the nozzle leaking when you set it down. Not only does the caulk end up in places it shouldn't, making for a messy cleanup, but it also wastes what's leftover inside the tube. If you want to prevent caulk from getting all over your home or if you want to use the same tube again for another project, a wire hanger is all you'll need. By cutting off a piece of the wire, you'll be able to make a stopper that'll keep your caulk from spilling out of the tube or hardening from exposure to air.

This hack is great for cutting down on waste and saving money, too, since you'll be able to reuse the same tube of caulk multiple times. You can also bend one end of the wire hanger to create a handle, making it easy to open the caulk again when you need it.

How to plug your caulk with a wire hanger

To make the stopper for your caulk tube, cut a 3- to 4-inch piece of wire from a wire hanger. If you don't have wire cutters handy, try using pliers instead or bending the hanger back and forth until a piece breaks off. Then, twist or bend one end of the new smaller piece of wire into a small circle or hook shape and insert the opposite end into the opening of the tube. The curved part of your DIY caulk stopper will function as a handle to help you grab onto the wire when you need to remove it, while the other end should fit tight enough to keep your caulk fresh for next time.

This is similar to placing a nail or screw into the tube's opening for storage. For this hack, it's key you squeeze some of the caulk around the wire piece to fill in any gaps and create a seal, especially if you cut off a larger tip at the start of your project. Doing so should help prevent excess air from getting through the opening and into the tube. This simple hack allows you to stop or take a break in the middle of a project without worrying about your caulk drying out or making a mess. It'll also help you repurpose old hangers that are taking up space in a closet.

Other ways wire hangers are helpful around the house

If you just purchased a brand new tube of caulk that's sealed and you can't seem to find something to poke it, you can use a wire hanger to break the seal and open the tube — then use the same hanger to save the caulk from drying out later on. Besides aiding in projects with caulk, however, wire hangers are also helpful tools for a variety of home jobs. If you're working with a soldering iron, for instance, finding a place to safely set down your tool while it's still hot can be difficult. But if you have a wire hanger, you can try fashioning a stand to hold your equipment.

For this hack, you won't need to cut anything, but will instead bend the entire wire hanger in half, creating a V shape. Next, you'll bend each side in half again, turning the V into a W. This will create a stable stand on which you can rest your hot iron. Further, once you're finished with your soldering project, you can take your makeshift stand and repurpose the wire hanger yet again for an entirely different hack around the home.