This TikTok Dollar Store Herb Garden Is Perfect For Beginner Gardeners

If you're trying to get into gardening, you might feel overwhelmed by all the tools and gear that's out there, but you don't need a lot to start because the dollar store has all the basics you need to ease your way into gardening. In this Tiktok, the creator starts a mini herb garden with soil, seeds, fertilizer, and a planter from the dollar store all for a total of $14.

She starts by nailing some holes into the bottom of the $3 planter and layers in the contents of five packets of expanding soil, which were $1.25 each. Then, she waters and tills the soil. Next, she puts in her parsley herb rocket, basil herb rocket, and dill herb rocket, all at $1.25 each, pours 10-10-10 fertilizer over the soil, and waters thoroughly. The experiment seems to work as she reports getting sprouts after about ten days. Starting a garden can be as simple as you need it to be and, with all the right elements, you can get results too.

What do you need to start a herb garden?

When starting a herb garden, it's easy to find a variety of affordable gardening supplies and tools. While the selection may vary depending on the store, some common items you typically need are pots and planters, basic tools, seed packets, plant food, and plant labels. Dollar stores often carry a selection of flower, vegetable, and herb seed packets. Check the expiration dates and choose the varieties you want considering how suitable they are based on your region and the growing conditions they need. They typically also have basic plant food or fertilizers to keep your plants growing well.

Basic gardening tools to look for are hand trowels, watering cans, and pruning shears. For your containers, you can start with small plastic or ceramic pots, hanging baskets, or planters. Some extras you can consider are gloves that fit well and provide adequate grip and protection, plant labels or markers to identify your seeds, and cute garden decorations to add a nice touch. As you grow your garden and get more experienced, you can start to invest in gardening supplies and tools that are of higher quality.

Herbs that are perfect for beginner gardeners

As a beginner gardener, it's good to start with affordable and easy-to-grow plants that can thrive in a variety of conditions. Dollar stores tend to have non-GMO seeds that are cheaper with more quantity in the packets. The seeds you find there grow just like those from any other store and while they may not have different varieties, you can always find the basics.

Some of these are basil and parsley (as seen in the Tiktok), mint, chives, sage, oregano, thyme, and cilantro. These are widely available and forgiving for beginners as they can be grown in pots, containers, or small garden spaces. These herbs are also great to have in the home because they can add a delightful aroma and flavor to your food and beverages. Parsley, basil, and garlic chives, for example, are very easy to grow while oregano and mint are great in containers and planters. Some good vegetable seeds you can get are squash and zucchini.