The Viral TikTok Couch Cleaning Hack You Should Absolutely Avoid At All Costs

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Cleaning a fabric couch is bound to be difficult, especially if the piece of furniture doesn't have removable cushion covers. Maybe your fabric surface is covered in stains, hair, debris, or a bad odor, and you're not sure what to do. Others dealing with the same problem have come up with a potential solution and shared it on TikTok. They recommend placing a Tide Pod into a bowl, then pouring boiling water over it to dissolve the detergent. Once it's fully melted, they wrap a rag around a pot lid, dip it in the bowl, and scrub the surface of their couch with this cleaner. 

However, you should avoid this hack at all costs when cleaning your fabric couch, as it doesn't actually clean and sanitize the surface. Instead, it simply rubs the laundry detergent across the fabric without rinsing it off thoroughly, which leaves a residue. Not only that, but dirt and debris can also easily get left behind, which means that your couch won't be cleaned properly. 

Why Tide Pods should be reserved for the washer

Not only is this cleaning hack ineffective, but it can also harm your couch, as using a Tide Pod on fabric furniture is sure to cause problems. Because you're scrubbing the fabric with a wet rag and a harsh cleaner, this could cause the material to pill or become damaged. It could also wear down the fibers of the fabric and may force you to have to replace this piece of furniture sooner rather than later.

Additionally, Tide Pods and other forms of laundry detergent are extremely concentrated. Using this material on your couch could leave a slimy or sticky residue that feels uncomfortable. Those with sensitive skin may also experience rashes from all the cleaner that remains on the couch. Even if you tried to rinse off the detergent with a clean, wet cloth afterward, this still wouldn't be effective enough, as the concentrated solution will most likely permeate the fabric and be difficult to remove.

Better couch cleaning methods

Some people have tried using this TikTok cleaning hack as an alternative to removing their cushion covers and throwing them in the washing machine. However, this hack obviously isn't as effective, so it's better to wash your couch cushion covers on a cold, gentle setting with a small amount of detergent, as long as the manufacturer's instructions recommend it. Another better cleaning alternative is using a machine like the Bissell Proheat Portable Deep Cleaner, which costs around $135 at Target. This is especially great for those who have messy kids or pets, as it will remove stains and hair.

If you're struggling with liquid stains, it's best to blot the area instead of rubbing, then cover the liquid with something that will soak it up, like baking soda or baby powder. After letting the product sit for 10 to 30 minutes, vacuum it up. Dark or pesky stains may lift with the help of hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda can also be used to remove odors. If a stain just won't budge, try using a spot treatment cleaner like Resolve's Multi-Fabric Cleaner and Upholstery Stain Remover that retails for about $5 on Amazon