HGTV's Emily Henderson Embraces Hanging Art In Unusual Ways

Whatever your preferred style of art, we can all agree that the most common place to hang a piece of artwork is on the wall. Still, you don't have to limit yourself to just the wall when it comes to art. According to HGTV's Emily Henderson, art can be placed in a variety of places. In a post on her blog, the design expert shared a whole host of tips about where to hang your art for a statement that isn't simply starting a gallery wall (via Style by Emily Henderson).

Firstly, Henderson recommends hanging art at the front of a shelving unit for a look that "adds dimension, in a rebellious way." It may sound a little weird, but the trick is to find an art piece that's proportional to your shelving unit so it doesn't overwhelm it. For example, a painting that's small or medium in size will help to hide any awkward gaps from widely spaced shelves. Alternatively, if you still want items on your shelves to be visible, you could choose an artwork that features cutouts so they aren't entirely hidden.

Hanging art in unusual places will spice up your home

Emily Henderson also recommends hanging your art in a cabinet. "It can be little, and you can hang or lean, but what a nice secret surprise it is to open a cabinet and see a piece of art. This is best done in a glass cabinet so you don't literally hide it, but you get it – a secret piece that just feels cool and unexpected," she wrote.

Now, we know what you're thinking — isn't artwork in a cabinet pointless? The trick is to hang your artwork in a cupboard that's either completely open or has glass doors so it's visible. If your cupboards have a backing material you can't (or don't want to) drill into, simply lean your art against the back instead for a cool accent touch to what is otherwise a basic furniture piece. Don't have any cabinets that fit the bill? Simply prop up your artwork on any shelving you do have instead.

If you're unsure about what type of art to put in your kitchen, go with your gut feeling. Buying a piece of art that you feel a connection with but may not go as well with your décor is always better than purchasing more versatile art you have no connection with. Art is for design purposes, but it can also help to infuse some of your personality into your home.

Try placing art in your window

In the same vein as placing artwork in plain sight, why not lean a painting against a window? It may seem weird to casually lean artwork against a window, but this design trick can actually create a charming layered look. Plus, if your window area is relatively neutral, the artwork will help to add pattern in your home décor. Emily Henderson describes this art placement as "a move that allows your eye to move around more and gives another place for your art to be showcased – especially when it's in front of a desk, or at a sink windowsill."

She recommends sticking to large windows and areas with plenty of natural light — if a room has a small window, then placing something in front of it will eclipse any natural light the room does receive. If a painting in front of a window isn't your style, Henderson says that you can swap it out for something like a flag, which will also allow light to come through more than a painting would. 

Remember that art isn't just paintings. Stained glass panels, flags, and sculptures all count as artwork and could suit your space better. By utilizing the above art placement tips, your home will instantly look less thrown together and more thoughtfully designed.