This Clever TikTok Hack Transforms An Old Paper Clip Into A Useful Garden Tool

If your plant is in need of a little TLC or simply has trailing stems you're looking to tame, this crafty hack that allows you to transform a paper clip into something much more useful — a pin to help secure a plant that may look a little disorderly. This hack works great if you have house plants that simply need a little cleaning up or if you have young plants with unestablished root systems. Once your plant's roots take hold, you can easily remove the paper clip — or keep it in if it needs continuous support.

This means all those trailing tendrils will now have a neat, clean home within your plant's pot — and all you have to do is bend open a paperclip and secure them into place. No matter what type of plant you have, there's a way you can give its stem or shoots a boost using this clever hack. And don't worry if you're someone who struggles to keep houseplants alive, because this hack won't harm your plant one bit, thanks to the curvature of the paperclip.

Grab your makeshift garden tools

If you're the proud owner of a houseplant and want to give your indoor garden a makeover, this helpful TikTok video by @itplantsyall explains the hack. The first step in this process is to grab an old paperclip — whatever you have laying around will work. All you have to do is bend your paper clip into shape and look for the stem or shoot that requires positioning. Be careful not to pierce the plant itself, and avoid its leaves. You should also avoid pulling the stem taut — you want it to still grow in a natural position. You may even find that as your plant continues to grow, you'll need to reposition the paper clips. 

Although @itplantsyall demonstrates this incredible hack using a small potted plant, you can easily transform your outdoor or side garden this way. Just keep in mind that this hack seems to work better on smaller plants, as larger ones might not fit within the parameters of an open paperclip. This is when you'd need to defer to traditional staking, using a stronger piece of wood or metal to help support your plant.

Metal vs plastic paper clip

Remember that, if you use a metal paper clip, it may rust, especially as you water your houseplant. If you don't like the way rusty paper clips look, you'll need to change them faster than if you use plastic-coated ones. However, a little bit of rust may be advantageous to your plants. Since rust contains iron oxide, your plants may benefit from the additional minerals. Plants use their intricate root systems to absorb iron which serves as a crucial micronutrient.

Conversely, if you have some plastic-coated paper clips, you can also add a pop of color to any indoor garden. This instantly brightens any space and adds a touch of whimsy to your potted plants. If your plants tend to quickly outgrow their planters, you can transfer them and invest in jumbo paper clips to keep up with their growing demands — the possibilities are endless.