Whatever Happened To WISP Cleaning System After Shark Tank Season 10?

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"Shark Tank" is well known for featuring a wide variety of inventions that seek to improve consumers' daily routines, and the WISP cleaning system is no exception. This product, designed by entrepreneur Eben Dobson III, is all about changing up the public's approach to sweeping. With a normal broom, you have to chase down lines of dirt, fling around dust due to loose bristles, and bend down to maneuver a dustpan. The WISP system seeks to eliminate these problems.

Instead of traditional long bristles, the WISP actually features much shorter bristles that sit at a 90-degree angle to the ground. These shorter bristles give you more control in your cleanups and help to prevent any dust from slipping through the cracks. This system also has a reinvented dustpan. Instead of simply placing it on the ground, the WISP dustpan is designed to be stepped on. With a bit of pressure, it will sit completely flat to the floor, meaning you won't be left to pick up what your broom and dustpan missed.

What happened to WISP on Shark Tank?

Eben Dobson III began his pitch on Season 10, Episode 5 of "Shark Tank" with a demonstration of his product. The Sharks seemed to be impressed by the concept, agreeing that traditional brooms have room for improvement, but they were a bit shocked when Dobson stated what he was asking for: $500,000 for a 10% share of the company. This offer seemed a bit less extreme once Dobson began explaining the brand's previous sales and virality online, but it quickly took a turn for the worse when the Sharks began asking about WISP's profits.

Over the course of the last several years, Dobson revealed that he had made a string of irresponsible business moves. Instead of turning a profit, he ended up sinking upward of $2 million into the business. This immediately caused most of the stars of "Shark Tank" to refuse his deal, but Kevin O'Leary suggested a counter-offer: $500,000 for 50% of the business so he could act as partner, with potential involvement from Lori Greiner as well. Dobson agreed — but decided to inquire more about Greiner's involvement, and O'Leary rescinded his offer as a result.

WISP after Shark Tank

Eben Dobson III might not have made a deal on "Shark Tank," but he still benefitted from his appearance on the program. Kevin O'Leary turned him down for continuing to talk to Lori Greiner, but this brief conversation ended up being very helpful for the entrepreneur. After the show, Greiner called Dobson and stated that she enjoyed the product. She still refused to invest money into the brand, but she helped spread the word and increase profits by selling the WISP system on the QVC network. You can see one of her promotional videos from QVCtv above.

During his pitch, Dobson stated that he had around $300,000 of inventory already produced and ready to sell. As of 2023, the WISP is sold on QVC's website and is sold out. It's unclear exactly how much money Dobson was able to recoup thanks to his help from Greiner and QVC.

Is WISP still in business?

Despite Kevin O'Leary's sudden change of heart on "Shark Tank," Eben Dobson III still had hope for WISP as he left the tank. "Kevin's offer was amazing, but I don't believe that I had the ability to make that decision that quickly," he said. "But, the truth of the matter is, I'm not going anywhere. The WISP is still going to be available." With this attitude and Lori Greiner's involvement after the fact, it wouldn't be surprising if Dobson was able to turn his debt into profit after his time on the show.

Currently, the WISP is available for sale on the brand's website, through QVC, at Walmart, and via Amazon. The brand has also expanded to include other similar products, like the miniWISP, a self-cleaning mop, and a window-cleaner vacuum. These products are available both individually and as a bundle, and it appears that the brand is continuing to expand and diversify its offerings.

What's next for WISP

WISP's foray into new kinds of cleaning products marks a major shift for the brand, and it doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon. Unfortunately, WISP isn't particularly active on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, but if you want to stay updated on new drops and the company's progress as they continue developing products, head to the WISP website. Alongside developing new products like the Window Cleaner Vacuum, the brand has also expanded its existing lines to include more colors like blue, pink, red, gray, and purple.

Despite the brand's lack of success in gaining a deal on "Shark Tank," it appears that the product's time on the show and the additional help from Lori Greiner likely allowed founder Eben Dobson III to get back on his feet and expand into an even larger and more balanced project.