Barbara Corcoran's Million-Dollar LA Trailer Home Is A Beachside Paradise

Plenty of celebs own beach houses, but Barbara Corcoran's Pacific Palisades, California, property may be one of the dreamiest. In a TikTok by vlogger Caleb Simpson, Corcoran shows viewers around her beachfront home. Noting it's called a "double wide," Corcoran tells Simpson she bought the trailer for $800,000 and invested another $150,000 into it, giving it a value of close to $1 million — not bad for a beachfront property. Her enthusiasm for the property is obvious, with the real estate superstar even telling viewers that she prefers her trailer to her New York penthouse.

Firstly, Corcoran showcases the kitchen and living area, which utilizes soothing beige and off-white shades and harnesses leftover mosaic-style tiling from her penthouse to create a calm feeling right off the bat. Also in the kitchen, Corcoran displays her ice blue kitschy vintage-style Smeg fridge.

Moving onto the bathroom, which is small in size but which still contains a relatively large shower (with a full-force shower head, as Corcoran points out), Corcoran shows off her floating cabinet with a built-in sink. Neutral tones are a main feature throughout the trailer, giving the property an overall tranquil energy.

The property expert shows off her beautiful beachfront home

Barbara Corcoran's property includes two-and-a-half bedrooms. The first bedroom shown features a charming color scheme of ecru, ochre, and pink, with rustic wood details on the headboard and bedside table. The second bedroom, which is much bigger, carries on the beach house decor theme thanks to a woven brown rug next to the bed. This room features a mostly white-and-gray color scheme with pops of soft pink throughout. In another bathroom space, Corcoran reveals she paid more for her large bathtub than all of her other furniture. 

The final bedroom (the "half") features the same color scheme as the largest room and looks out onto the relaxing terrace and beyond. As for the terrace itself, Corcoran's self-proclaimed title of "terrace girl" is reflected by the care she put into the outdoor space. Palm tree-like woven umbrellas flank a large outdoor table, and beach chairs can be seen nestled at the side.

It may be hers now, but Corcoran shares that, though she desperately wanted to purchase the beachfront property because of the stunning view, the owner didn't want to sell at that point. As a counter-offer, Corcoran told the owner they could visit any time. This swung the deal and allowed her to purchase the gorgeous Pacific Palisades property.

She previously gave a tour of her New York home

A totally different vibe from her Southern California beach house, Barbara Corcoran's New York penthouse is a grand space that still feels welcoming. A major standout of the tour she gave to "Shark Tank" co-star Kevin O'Leary is the jaw-droppingly gorgeous kitchen and dining area, which resembles a palatial greenhouse due to the array of greenery. Corcoran tells O'Leary that the high-ceilings were a highlight of the space that made her want to buy the property, which she refers to as "where my heart is."

Outside, Corcoran's terrace overlooks Central Park. She informs O'Leary that no one can build in front of her property and ruin the view. Much like how she persuaded the owner of her Los Angeles-area beachfront properly to sell to her, Corcoran says she managed to get her NYC penthouse by forging a relationship with the previous owner years before it went on the market, making her first in line when the owner decided to sell.

It seems that determination, as is expensive taste, is a major factor when it comes to the business mogul's taste in homes. Overall, Corcoran shares that she paid $10 million for the penthouse and spent $3 million renovating it, totaling over $12 million more than she spent on her beachfront trailer.