Start Using Raw Eggs To Keep Bunnies Out Of Your Garden And Thank Us Later

Bunnies are adorable to look at, but their cuteness goes away when they're hopping about through your garden and eating your plants and vegetables. While some folks might want to attract bunnies to their garden, having them around your vegetables can easily destroy your garden, as they'll eat your greens and leave behind bald patches that will take time to re-grow. Instead of trying to catch every rabbit that hops among your veggies, add raw eggs to your garden to keep them out. Bunnies hate the smell of eggs, so they'll know to turn the other way when they're near any garden.

Using natural homemade solutions to keep bunnies or other animals out of your garden is best to avoid harming the animals. In addition, if you use ingredients that will deter more than one animal at a time, you won't have to create many concoctions to repel multiple animals. For example, if you live in a woodsy area with a lot of wildlife; using raw eggs in your garden will keep out rabbits and deer. All you need for the raw egg solution is eggs and water.

How to add raw eggs to your garden

Raw eggs have a strong smell when they're left out for too long, so they'll keep bunnies, who have a very sensitive nose, far away. Rabbits don't eat raw eggs either, because they can't properly digest them. So they know to run the other way when there is a slight smell of eggs in the air. For your raw egg solution, you'll need just two eggs, water, and a garden sprayer.

Simply blend your eggs in your blender or food processor for 30 seconds, add them to your garden sprayer, and fill the rest with water. Spray the mixture over the entire garden, ensuring you hit every vegetable in sight. If you want to make sure the bunnies really stay away, mix chili flakes and garlic with the eggs to enhance the smell. You can even add a couple of drops of dish soap to tone down the scent of your plants. It's vital to note that this homemade solution is temporary, so you'll want to reapply the raw egg mixture every couple of weeks. Additionally, raw eggs can give the vegetables a weird taste, so using the solution on the veggies you need to peel is best. Or, spray the solution along the border of the garden or the soil instead of directly on the plants and veggies.

Benefits of using raw eggs in your garden

While raw eggs will keep bunnies out of your garden, they'll also help your veggies grow stronger since they're filled with the protein your plants need. As garden landscaper Melody Estes says, "They are also a good source of nitrogen, which helps break down organic matter and feed the soil," per Homes & Gardens. Moreover, eggs have a high calcium rate which is beneficial to plants. To get these benefits, you need to bury the whole eggs in the soil, and the eggs will slowly crack over time, letting the roots access their nutrients and preventing blossom end rot.

On the other hand, letting eggs break down and rot can create a foul smell, which is great if you're trying to keep bunnies away, but less great if you don't have rabbits around, as they will just stink up your garden. So, instead of burying whole eggs, mix the eggshells in with the soil. They still carry the calcium your plants need, and it's an excellent way to recycle the egg shells rather than throwing them away.