An Unexpected Fruit Will Give Your Plants A Gorgeous Shine

Do you ever gaze at your once luscious, radiant houseplants and wonder what happened? The leaves that were once glossy and green are now lackluster and dust-covered, showing sad signs of neglect. It can be disheartening to see your beautiful indoor oasis fade away. However, an unexpected fruit provides a surprising twist in restoring your plant's vibrant shine: bananas.

Bananas are a mighty fruit. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, these yellow powerhouses are the ultimate fuel to keep you going throughout the day. And while it might sound crazy — or dare we say bananas — this potassium-rich fruit is beneficial to humans and is great for our leafy friends too! Sorry, compost — it looks like you will have to wait. Banana peels have found a new calling, providing a gorgeous shine to the leaves of houseplants. Similar to how the dust settles and builds up on surfaces, the same is true for your indoor greenery. Keeping them clean is essential, and a simple banana fruit peel will do the trick. So savor that beloved fruit because all you need is its peel to take on this plant-dusting hack. Let's explore how it is done.

The secret to a beautiful shine

Grab your banana peel to get started. Make sure that you only use the peel and remove the fruit inside. Consider cutting the peel into smaller pieces or folding it in half for ease of use, depending on the size of the banana or plant. Proceed by gently rubbing the inside of the banana peel over the surface of the leaves to eliminate any accumulated dust. For a thorough clean, follow up by wiping your foliage with a damp cloth to remove any remaining fruit remnants. Repeat this process for all your houseplants to give them a beautiful shine.

After using the banana peel, you will notice an instant sheen on the leaves that can be easily maintained. While there is no strict rule on how often you should clean your plants, inspecting the leaves every time you water is best. If you spot any particles building up, it is likely time for another banana peel dusting. Bonus tip: banana peel water also makes a great fertilizer for gardens. Once you have finished dusting your plants, soak the peels in water for roughly three days. Use the miracle-infused liquid to water and nourish your plants, supplying them with a healthy dose of potassium, magnesium, and calcium to grow big and strong.

Why this task is important

Did you know that dusting plants serves a purpose beyond aesthetics? While it is true that dirt and grime do not contribute to a pleasing appearance, removing dust residue from your indoor foliage is essential for their growth and overall health. Plants have small openings in the leaves called stomata. These tiny cell structures allow for the exchange of carbon dioxide and water. If a buildup of dust particles occurs and blocks the stomata, the plant essentially cannot breathe and will no longer grow.

In addition, a plant covered in dust will not receive an adequate amount of light, thus reducing photosynthesis. Without sufficient light, the plant cannot create energy in the form of sugar to sustain its well-being and foster future growth. So, while it might sound a little twisted, banana peels do great good for foliage and give your plants a gorgeous shine.