Why You Need To Clean Your Walls More In The Summer Months

The summer months offer a host of pleasant experiences, such as warm sunshine, family gatherings, and BBQ dinners. However, the rise in temperatures is often accompanied by an increase in humidity levels, posing unique challenges to home maintenance. While it is common for people to clean their floors and windows more regularly during the summer, walls are almost always overlooked. But avoiding wall cleaning invites its own perils. Higher humidity levels accelerate the growth of mold and mildew on your walls, making your home smell like a musty basement.

Also, keeping your windows open to enjoy fresh summer air promotes dust, pollen, and allergen buildup on your walls, which deteriorates your home's air quality. Moreover, let's not forget the ugly stains on the exterior walls in the aftermath of a highly joyous BBQ gathering. So it's no wonder summers necessitate more wall cleaning to keep your home mold-free and aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, regularly wiping down your walls with soapy solutions will significantly reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Reasons your walls need more cleaning in summer

While bathrooms and kitchens require regular cleaning, given their vulnerability to mold and mildew, other home walls are no exception. Summer's heat, paired with the remainder of spring's humidity, will turn your walls into hotbeds for mold growth, especially in areas with inadequate ventilation. Temperature differences between indoor and outdoor air can also cause condensation on walls, further accelerating fungus growth. Moreover, things can get extremely bad if mold develops on your back deck, making it slippery, or gets behind vinyl siding, calling for the replacement of exterior walls.

Further, walls are prominent collectors of dust, pollen, and other airborne allergens, which tend to cling to the walls even more stubbornly due to summer humidity. This leads to a grime layer developing on the walls while also adversely impacting our health. Regularly dusting the walls with a microfiber cloth can help get rid of these harmful allergens. Besides, summer being the season of outdoor activities and cookouts, accidental spills and splatters aren't uncommon on exterior walls, which require power washing.

Frequency of wall cleaning during summer

Just cleaning your walls in the summer won't keep your home clean if you don't do it regularly. How often you end up wiping your walls depends on different factors. For instance, running air conditioning efficiently and using dehumidifiers can prevent any moisture build-up, minimizing the requirement for frequent deep cleaning.

However, if your home is located in a high-traffic zone or if you have little kids and pets who love frolicking between rooms, it makes sense to clean more often during the summer. Pressure cleaning the exterior walls at least twice a year becomes particularly important for families living in high pollen areas and for those with dust allergies. Also, wiping interior walls clean every month with a vinegar-water mix is an effective way to keep them pristine during the summer. Specific cleaning agents can also be used to clear out stubborn strains.