What Garlic Does To Your Lawn

Garlic is an earthly gift that keeps on giving, and people over time have found unexpected uses for it outside the kitchen. In fact, beyond being an easy-to-grow crop for vegetable gardens, homeowners may even use garlic in their lawn care — as a natural pest control. What garlic is capable of doing for a lawn may surprise some, but green thumbs know the secrets of this versatile, bulbous flowering plant.

As an alternative to chemical treatments, you can use garlic to protect your lawn from harmful insects and other pests. Bugs like Japanese beetles, for instance, are known to burrow into soil and once there, feast on roots, instantly cutting off a turf's nutrient supply. Additionally, grubs and worms can also kill grass, leading to brown patches across a lawn's surface. But garlic and its various compounds can prove effective in ridding these areas of such parasites.

So if you're having trouble with unwanted guests, the solution may lie in your spice cabinet. But before you grab that fragrant clove, let's examine why garlic is so effective in lawn care.

Keep pests off your lawn with garlic

A close relative to the onion, garlic has many properties beneficial to a lawn. Primarily, it acts as a pesticide and bacteriacide when applied appropriately. Garlic is high in sulfur, which drives away insects and other creatures interested in nibbling on grass roots. Using this plant in your soil can ward off pesky intruders like ants, Japanese beetles, and root maggots that are often hard to spot until they've caused damage. And fewer pests mean a healthier, greener lawn.

Garlic's pungent aroma even turns furry intruders like deer, moles, and rabbits away without being toxic to humans. However, it's important to note that garlic is poisonous to cats and dogs if ingested. So it's vital to take caution when using garlic for lawn care. Alternatively, there are other natural repellants for concerned pet owners, like vinegar, which is also known for its versatility in use.

How to use garlic on your lawn for the best results

One of the easiest ways to use garlic on your lawn is to grow it yourself and then scatter the cloves around your lawn's surface. The vegetable is relatively easy to grow and can be planted in the springtime in most climates. Planting the bulbs around areas prone to pests is a great way to have your garlic and eat it, too. The natural pesticides of the bulb will leech into the soil and protect nearby roots. For this type of lawn care, plant the vegetable along the edges of your lawn's grass. This perimeter will act like a barrier that many burrowing insects like Japanese beetles won't want to cross.

You can make your own garlic spray to treat topsoil. You'll need 1 ½ cups of warm water and two bulbs of garlic. Blend the ingredients until it's as smooth as possible, and strain out any larger chunks that failed to break down. Pour this liquid into a spray bottle and saturate the soil. The mixture will soak into the soil, kill insect eggs and discourage future egg laying. What's more, this spray option is a better solution for pet owners looking to limit concentrated garlic use while still enjoying its benefits.