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How To Use Peel-And-Stick Metal Trim To Elevate Your Living Room

Nothing screams adulthood more than moving out of your parents' house and finally settling into your own space. The freedom that comes with being able to decorate your home to your taste is nothing short of euphoric. However, for first-timers, deciding how to furnish your home might be a little harrowing, especially if you aren't into interior decorating already. You may be stuck dreaming up savvy ways to decorate those large, empty walls in a way that can reconcile the emerging adult in you.

You've just moved into your space and you want to level up with a sophisticated look. There is a hack that can transform even the most modest wall space into an elegant design that's bound to let everyone know that the classy adult in you is finally taking off.

If you want to make an impression that understates the kind of elegance you want to achieve, then fixing up your living room is the best way to go. Lucky for you, there is a simple and stress-free way to take your living room space from drab to fab without having to break the bank or hire an interior decorator. All you'll need is a peel-and-stick metal strip and a really good eye.

Peel-and-stick metal strips go on and come off easily

When it comes to balancing your parlor décor, it's important to remember that a little can definitely go a long way and less is more. If you're going for modern sophistication, you'd do well investing in some peel-and-stick metal strips to elevate your living room. They have an easy application and usually won't hassle you during removal.

TikTok creator @everythingeryn showed how easy it is to use metal strips to give your room some character. First, she removes the paper from the adhesive lining and sticks it onto the wall in a simple two-step process. The metal strip is made from actual metal so it contains the same lustrous properties as a solid block of metal. The creator stated that the quality of the strip is guaranteed to bring a "modern lux regency vibe" to your space. The great thing about it is that you can stick it to your wall as its own decoration or you can use it to frame portraits and art. "It's so great for moldings, ceilings, windows, whatever," she explained. Another creator @jawad_shani_xk demonstrates the versatility and variety of the strips by creating designs using gold ones.

Metal strips are an affordable way to add a touch of gloss to your living room. You can find various types on Amazon like this K&S Precision Metal strip for around $9. All you'll need is a knack for creativity.

What to do if the metal strips peel off wall paint

It's a pretty genius idea to use self-adhesive metal strips to zhuzh up your living room and add a pop of class. Although you can do just about whatever you want, there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, the adhesive on the back of the metal strip is very strong and can flesh off your paint if you ever want to remove them. This means being extra careful where you place them and testing them out because if not, you might end up needing an emergency paint job. If you absolutely cannot damage the paint on the wall, then you'll have to use an alternative means. @everythingeryn gave a rundown on how to go around this particular setback. First, she cleans the wall and then lays over a line of electrical tape before finally positioning the metal strip on top of it.

However, if you've already scuffed some of the paint from the wall and need a quick fix, then all you need is sandpaper, a primer, and some paint. As Homes and Gardens suggests, sand down the uneven, peeled spots, apply a good primer over it, and then repaint. It should look as good as new.