How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In The Rafters Of Your Home

Did you know that birds are one of the many hidden dangers that may be lurking in your attic? If you suspect you have birds in the rafters of your home, you need to take action quickly. As they create nests in your attic, they can cause damage to your wiring. This poses a significant safety hazard and can lead to electrical fires, per Cooper Pest Solutions. Fortunately, you can easily keep birds away with some porcupine wire, also known as bird spikes. It's cost-efficient, simple, and a DIY hack you can complete without the help of a pest removal service.

It's important to understand that birds in your attic also pose a health threat. They can carry over 60 diseases, exposing you and your family to a myriad of health concerns. It's not just their droppings that are worrisome — a lot of harmful bacteria is air-borne, which means you run the risk of breathing it in. However, porcupine wire is an effective way of removing birds from your home before they destroy your insulation and expose you to nasty irritants. Take preventative action and keep them from nesting in your rafters once and for all. 

Install porcupine wire

Porcupine wire is just a row of metal wire with spikes and works to deter birds. It's commonly placed on vertical surfaces and is available at Amazon or other online retailers. Begin by locating the rafters you suspect birds are landing on. Next, install the porcupine wire by laying it out. You can use a staple gun or drill to secure it, but be mindful of any electrical wires. You only need a few strips of this deterrent to prevent birds from nesting.

Porcupine wire won't harm birds, making this a humane way of removing unwanted pests. The wire might get dirty, however, so you may need to clean it occasionally. You can install this wire on all surfaces where birds commonly look to nest. If you have an issue with specific birds, this hack may be helpful if you're looking to get rid of robins. Although less common, you may find them looking for shelter in your attic. More common birds are pigeons and sparrows, but no matter what type of bird you have looking to make a home in your rafters, this trick should keep them away for good.