Turn Your IKEA Lamp Into A Gorgeous Plant Holder With A Few Simple Steps

If you're a self-proclaimed plant lover, you're probably getting to the stage where you own more indoor plants than you know what to do with. Once again, IKEA has your back. Every aspiring interior designer or lover of home hacks knows that IKEA is featured heavily in many renovation tips and tricks, and this IKEA plant hack is one of the best. For this DIY, you'll need IKEA's Luftmassa Lamp shadeCylinder Vases, and some black spray paint. The vases come in a set of three, but you'll be using the middle-sized vase only.

You can find the perfect plant for your style, and a plant holder is no exception. We think this DIY plant holder will suit an industrial vibe perfectly. The matte black finish is sophisticated, whereas the netted texture of the lamp shade will bring some edge. Because your finished plant holder will be black, it will blend in well with light, dark, bright, and neutral decor schemes. Plus, as you're in control, you can customize the level of spray paint you use to make your holder transparent or opaque.

This hack is affordable and simple

Firstly, spray the cylinder middle vase with black spray paint (make sure it's glass-safe), and wait for it to dry fully. Once it's dry, you simply need to place the vase inside of the lamp shade and add your plant or flowers. You'll be left with a chic and contemporary plant holder. If you want to take the hack further, one TikTok user left a comment on the video suggesting others spray the inside of the vase to create a black glass appearance. Now, for a few caveats. Make sure to purchase a deep shade of black to ensure there is no transparency in the glass when you have finished. The exception is if you want to achieve an ombre effect, which will take more time but will look great, too.

Keep in mind that if you choose to decorate the planter with real flowers, you'll need to ensure they have enough space to breathe. As the cylinder vase is narrow, you probably won't be able to fit much soil at the bottom to give your plant nutrients. Because of this, we recommend using faux greenery.