Repurpose Your Roof Space For The Ultimate Retreat Space

According to the 2023 Houzz report of U.S. summer trends, the number of searches for terms like "outdoor rooftop terrace," "rooftop deck," and "rooftop patio" have risen significantly (via Houzz). This speaks to the increased interest in having and using rooftops in living spaces as urban areas become more densely populated and available space is at a premium. Rooftops provide the opportunity to create a retreat space in various ways, from lounging areas to gardens, and you can repurpose your own to be just what you need.

Rooftop decks typically offer great views and the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and sunshine without leaving home. They are great for entertaining and hosting, especially when they have swimming pools, grills, and cozy furniture. Rooftops can also be repurposed for different types of recreational activities, from outdoor dining to light exercise. Whether by yourself or with others, they can become a great spot to relax and unwind.

Ideas for your rooftop retreat

You can transform your roof into a retreat space by turning it into an outdoor kitchen, an area to host social gatherings, or simply a space for lounging. With growing concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability, people are increasingly adopting green roofs and rooftop gardens. With a variety of plants and flowers accompanied by seating to enjoy the atmosphere, you can have a little nook that looks and feels fresh. This is especially helpful if you live in a region that is cramped or polluted.

You can also repurpose your deck to be more of a meditation or a rest area. Design it like a safe haven with all the things you need to feel calm and relaxed. It can even mimic your living room or bedroom interior for maximum comfort. If you're leaning more toward an outdoor dining area, you can create incorporate a bar cart or a kitchen island that can weather the elements.

What you'll need

Outdoor dining and entertainment probably require the most equipment, from tables and chairs to cooking equipment. Think about getting outdoor furniture items like sofas, cushions, throws, lounge chairs, swings, hammocks, canopies, and umbrellas. However, make sure they are weather-resistant, durable, and comfortable. Whether it's more for food or drinks or both, you'll need things like a grill, a small refrigerator, a counter, bar stools, and other equipment.

For a rooftop garden, you'll need seeds, plants, containers, and any sun covers necessary to provide them with shade. If you're repurposing your deck to be for meditation or yoga, get a comfortable mat, some cushions, and maybe a small water feature or wind chimes for a calming sensory experience. It's also important to have a storage bin that can protect your items when it rains. You'll also need features that create a nice ambiance, like string lights and potted plants. To make social gatherings more fun, consider having outdoor games as well.