TikTok's Genius Sink Cleaning Method Will Leave Your Drain Stopper Sparkling

When you give your house a good cleaning, it's easy to only focus on the usual suspects, like the toilet, the hair in the shower drain, and the crumbs on the countertops. But have you ever noticed the rim around your drain stopper? This is one of those areas that you might not always think to clean, but when you give it a good look, you'll see there's good reason to give it a serious scrub. The rim around the drain catches all sorts of residue from toothpaste, soap scum, food particles, grease, and other icky buildup. But getting into the nooks and crannies can be difficult. So we were thrilled to see an easy solution from TikTok's "CleanTok."

All you need to accomplish this hack is baking soda, your favorite multi-purpose cleaner, and a brush. We appreciate that this hack only requires gentle cleaners that you likely already have on hand, which means you don't need to add another harsh chemical to your inventory. 

Countertop spray and baking soda are a winning combo

If you have a non-removable drain plug, as is common in bathroom sinks, push it down completely. This will provide you with a smooth surface to easily clean. Then give the drain a generous sprinkling of baking soda before dousing it with a multi-purpose cleaner. Use a detail-cleaning brush or even just an old toothbrush to scrub at the rim of the drain. You'll quickly notice gunk and grime release into the paste. After you've given it a thorough scouring with the brush, simply rinse and polish it with a microfiber cloth for a sparkling finish. 

Both baking soda and multi-purpose cleaners are super effective at removing grime, but they are even better when combined. By sprinkling the baking soda first and following up with a multi-purpose spray, you're able to create a paste, which works as an abrasive and can easily break down the residue and grime but isn't so abrasive that it will scratch your sink or drain finish. Multi-purpose sprays are made up of a combination of surfactants and solvents that also help with the cleaning process but are slightly alkaline, meaning they won't cancel out the cleaning powers of baking soda. You can use this cleaning combo on any drain stopper

It's a cleaner, not a sanitizer

While this hack only requires a multi-purpose cleaner and baking soda, it should be noted that these aren't helpful for sanitizing. And when you consider that much of that residue comes from spit, soap, food, and toothpaste, you might want to add an extra step with an anti-bacterial solution. But if you're keen on keeping it all-natural, just add a splash of white vinegar and rinse it away with boiling hot water, as both are effective disinfectants. Just don't let the vinegar come in contact with the baking soda before you're done cleaning because the acidic vinegar will cancel out the cleaning abilities of the alkaline baking soda.

It's also essential to use a scrubbing brush while you're cleaning the drain instead of just a cloth or paper towel. These options tend to just move the buildup around and can't reach the narrow crevices between the drain, rim, and sink. If you are worried about scratching your sink's surface, be sure to use a brush with soft to medium bristles only and one with a small brush head so you don't accidentally scrape surrounding areas.