Keep Bats Away From Your Home With An Unexpected Spice You Already Own

Bats in your home pose multiple threats to you, your family, and even your house itself. For starters, bat droppings carry a host of bacteria. As they nest in your attic or other places in your home, that bacteria can seep into your insulation, wood, and even the ventilation system in your home. Additionally, they can chew on wiring, causing damage and creating a potential fire risk. It's important to keep bats away from your home before they cause serious damage to your wires, insulation, and walls.

One of the best ways to protect you and your loved ones is with a spice you probably have in your spice rack: cinnamon. Even better, you can use cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks. Although you may want to build a bat house to keep these nocturnal creatures from living in your home, cinnamon is an excellent DIY remedy that you can use in a pinch, as it works wonders in deterring these unwanted pests.

Making a cinnamon spray

If you're ready to keep bats away from your home, begin by grabbing powdered cinnamon, water, a bowl, a strainer, and a spray bottle. In your bowl, you'll want to combine one to two teaspoons of cinnamon with several cups of water. Stir your solution to combine your ingredients. Next, pour your mixture into your spray bottle, using a strainer to remove any clumps of cinnamon. After you complete this step, you'll want to spray this solution in areas where you suspect you have bats. You should also spray this solution in areas you want to deter bats from occupying.

You can also place cinnamon sticks where bats roost. This might work to keep them away, but cinnamon powder is preferable as you can make a DIY spray with it. The best part about this helpful DIY hack is you can reapply as needed to get rid of bats in your attic, and you won't have to venture much further than your spice rack. 

Considerations when using cinnamon to deter bats

Bats gravitate toward hot attics, so focus your attention on this part of your home. Keep in mind that, although cinnamon is considered safe for pets, it has the potential to cause allergic reactions. It's best to exercise caution when spraying it near pet food or where your pets eat and sleep, especially if your pet is prone to allergies. Additionally, when applying the cinnamon spray, do not get too close to bats, as they can bite (and pass along serious diseases!).

If you don't have powdered cinnamon or cinnamon sticks handy, you can always use cinnamon oil. For this alternative, you would only need to mix a couple of cups of water with several drops of essential oil. It might surprise you that such a common (and deliciously aromatic) spice can deter bats, but they find this strong scent off-putting. The result is a natural bat repellent you can apply at your leisure.