The Clever DIY Trap To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Garden

It's every gardener's dream to have a flourishing garden, but earwigs can swiftly thwart your plans and destroy your vegetables. They might eat any soft fruits you're growing or gnaw at your plant's leaves and stem. You may even find tiny little holes in your vegetables. If you're an organic gardener or just concerned about the environment, you're probably looking for eco-friendly ways to keep bugs out of your garden. Luckily, you can use soy sauce and vegetable oil to stop earwigs once and for all and to return your plants to their previous thriving state.

All you need for this clever hack is a tiny cup and these two cooking ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. You'll rid your garden of earwigs and won't need to venture out for chemical pest repellents. The best part is this helpful hack is significantly less expensive than hiring an exterminator, so it's not only eco-friendly but cost-effective. 

Mix soy sauce and vegetable oil

If you're ready to banish earwigs once and for all, two household staples might be the answer to your problems. Begin by grabbing a small cup or mixing bowl. You don't need anything big — just something you can easily place in your vegetable garden to trap earwigs. Next, you'll need to add soy sauce and vegetable oil. Once you have your mixture, it's time to find an open space in your garden and bury the cup until it's flush with the soil, making it easier for earwigs to crawl in.

Earwigs seemingly like the smell of soy sauce, luring them in before they're trapped by the oil, making it difficult to escape. Remember to check back often and empty your container, as you'll find a host of earwigs inside, sparing your garden from unwanted pests. Replace the old mixture with new soy sauce and vegetable oil as needed. In a short amount of time, you should see a noticeable difference in your vegetables or other plants as this handy hack works to keep earwigs out of your garden once and for all.