The Clever Tea Hack That Will Leave Your Mirror Streak-Free Every Time

More and more people are looking to upgrade their cleaning routines with all-natural and inexpensive options that reduce both waste and exposure to harmful chemicals. As a response to this public desire, social media has become filled with cleaning hacks that use countless unique items like lemons, vinegar, baking soda, and even vodka, which can help keep flies away. Now, you can add tea to the mix.

Tea is a natural cleaner thanks to its acidity and tannins, with black tea being the most effective strain. In addition, dried tea leaves of any variety are fantastic at absorbing odors and leaving their floral, earthy scents behind. Tea can be used to clean surfaces like hardwood floors, but one surprising way to use tea as a cleansing agent is to polish dirty, dusty mirrors. With just a spritz and a wipe, this beverage can leave your mirrors sparkling clean and streak-free — a claim that manufactured glass cleaners have been trying to achieve since their inception.

Spray your mirrors with tea

To turn your tea into a safe and all-natural cleaner, put a tea bag into hot water for about five minutes. If you often drink tea, you can reuse old tea bags to make your cleanser, though you may need an extra tea bag or a longer steep time to achieve the same potency. Once your cleaning product has brewed, pour it into an empty spray bottle and allow it to cool.

Spray the cold tea on your mirrors, then wipe the surface with a paper towel or a microfiber cleaning cloth. The astringent nature of the tea will cut through whatever particles are stuck to your mirror and eliminate them completely, leaving a bright shine. The mirror glass will sparkle like new and dry without streak marks. Plus, the natural scent of the tea is a subtle way to freshen up your space without resorting to the sometimes overpowering aromas of other cleaners. It's a cheap and easy way to keep your house spotless with a natural cleaner.