How To Polish A Mirror Without Getting Streak Marks

Polishing a mirror is one of those ultra-satisfying cleaning routine steps that makes a much bigger impact than you might expect. The accumulation of dust, splatters, and fingerprints on a mirror can subtly make an entire space appear dingier than it may actually be. Unfortunately, anyone who has tried to clean any reflective surface can attest to the fact that it's not as simple as merely splashing it with a multi-purpose spray and wiping it down with any old rag. The pesky streak marks that tend to show up will often mar your hard-earned effort.

While different sources may tell you to use paper towels or newspapers to achieve that streak-free shine, the experts at Bond Cleaning in Adelaide point out that paper towels can leave behind lint, and the ink from newspapers can transfer to your mirror. Instead, they offer their tried and true instructions for mirror cleaning, using a squeegee and a microfiber cloth in the final steps.

Assemble your mirror cleaning toolkit

The first step in your mirror cleaning routine begins with assembling your tools and the right type of cleaner. Invisible Glass recommends choosing a glass cleaner without soaps, fragrances, or stains, as those substances can contribute to a buildup that will make the mirror streakier. Instead, opt for a glass cleaning product free of those ingredients, or keep it simple with a homemade solution of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. If there are any stubborn stains or spots, you may also need some rubbing alcohol. You will also need a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, and an optional toothbrush for deep-cleaning the border of the mirror.

For a filthy mirror, Frugally Blonde has a more potent, homemade glass cleaner recipe: Combine 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, ¼ cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol, and an optional 2 to 4 drops of lemon essential oil. Use a funnel to fill a spray bottle with the mixture.

Streak-free cleaning process

Once your arsenal of cleaning tools is ready, it's time to get that mirror sparkling. If you have any stains or sticky spots on your mirror, you'll want to start by treating those areas with some rubbing alcohol, according to Bond Cleaning in Adelaide. Wet a cloth or cotton pad with the alcohol and gently spot-clean any stuck-on spots on the mirror to avoid streaks later. Then, use a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to get into the borders of your mirror and banish the grime that gathers there if your mirror is due for deep cleaning.

Next, spray the whole mirror with the cleaning product of your choice until it is thoroughly moistened. This is the crucial part — use the squeegee to wipe the mirror clean and follow with a microfiber cloth to catch any remaining moisture, as Bond Cleaning in Adelaide explains. If there are any spots that you missed, they can be spot-cleaned with the microfiber cloth after dampening it with a little cleaning spray. After this process, your mirror should be clean and streak-free!