The Banana Hack That'll Make Your Old Wood Look Shiny And New Again

After a while, wooden furniture tends to lose its shine and needs to be refreshed with an oil or wax product. However, if you have some overripe bananas sitting in your kitchen, they could be all you need to brighten up your wood pieces. This might sound unusual, but it is just one of the various natural alternatives to wood polish out there. Other similar solutions include lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, and orange essential oil. Bananas are effective in their own way since they contain oils that can nourish and add shine to old wood.

All the parts of the banana are useful for this hack, as you can either use the peel or the banana itself. The inside of a banana peel can be used to buff a wooden surface because it contains certain chemicals like citric acid and salicylic acid that clean the surface and a natural wax that keeps it moisturized. When using the banana itself, it's best to use overripe or rotting bananas because they contain more oil and are therefore more effective for shining wood.

How to complete this banana hack

To use the peel, rub it on your old wood, wait for about 10 minutes, and then wipe it off with a wet cloth. You can also drop some peel pieces into boiling water, allow the water to cool, soak a small towel in the liquid, and then use it to buff the wood. After you're done buffing, dry the wooden piece off with a microfiber cloth. If you have any ink stains on your wooden furniture, remove them by rubbing the banana peel over the surface as well.

To use the inside of the banana, mash it up, then take a small amount and smear it directly onto the wood. Make sure to apply it evenly so you cover the whole exterior. It's better to apply this mash with your fingers because they will warm up and soften the banana. Allow it to sit on the surface for a few minutes and then use a dry towel or a microfiber cloth to wipe it off. If you want to stop using chemical furniture care products, this is a great way to do it.