How Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines Prevents Spills While Pouring Paint

There's no denying that painting bigger surfaces can be a messy job. However, as pointed out by "Fixer Upper" star Joanna Gaines, there is a way to keep some of the mess to a minimum. 

Gaines has long been open about her love for paint and how it can transform a space. However, she's also been pretty vocal about her desire to keep things tidy while doing it. As she shared in a YouTube video for Home, she's not a fan of making a mess while painting directly from a can of paint. Luckily, she had a hack to combat it, which comprised of just one thing: a rubber band secured over the tin itself. "When you dip your paintbrush, instead of wiping it around the edges, you wipe the excess paint on that rubber band," she shared. This a helpful tip for smaller painting jobs, no doubt. However, the HGTV star is just as committed to keeping things clean and tidy when painting bigger spaces. 

In the same video, Gaines added that pouring paint — a notoriously sticky business — could also be done in a neater fashion. All it requires is a nifty tool called a paint can spout.

She's a big fan of can spouts

In her video for Home, Joanna Gaines shared that she was a big fan of using can spouts to mitigate mess while pouring paint into a tray. "All you do is pop it into the rim of the paint can, pick it up, pour it into the tray — there you go. It makes pouring paint clean and easy," she shared. One thing Gaines didn't mention about the spout is that it's also specifically designed to ensure nothing leaks over the spout, either. As seen in a YouTube review of the Foam Pro spout by Homeowner Repair, the paint simply slides back into the can after it's set down post-pour. Preventing mess and waste all at once. 

As Gaines pointed out in her video, the spouts are a low-cost option, making them an easy fix for any painter. However, there are also ways to create one at home if you're needing one right away. In a YouTube video, JBo Airbrush demonstrated how creating an "x" on the rim of a paint tin creates a similar effect. Not quite as streamlined, perhaps, but definitely a decent workaround for anyone in a pinch.

It might not be possible to completely avoid a mess on a paint job, but there are certainly ways to keep things relatively clean. Now, onward with the painting efforts — as Gaines herself has said in the past, it's the best way to create a new feel in any room.