Paint Colors To Get The Perfect Fixer Upper-Inspired Look

Wondering how to decorate your home like Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show "Fixer Upper?" In the series, Joanna and Chip Gaines renovate client homes in Waco, Texas, turning rundown fixer-uppers into stunning homes, per IMDb. Whether you color the walls in a Magnolia paint color customized by the home decor mogul herself or a hardware store brand like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, the results are sure to be television-worthy. Modern farmhouse style is not required because there is a color palette to complement every interior style.

The keys to finding the right paint color are in your house. As designer Kate Watson-Smyth told Architectural Digest, "To find the best shade, you need to consider which direction your room faces, what time of day you will be in there, the prevailing weather (even the hemisphere makes a difference), and last of all (in fact, let's be honest, least of all) the actual shade you like." Paint colors will appear differently in a home, as lighting affects how overtones and undertones appear. Considering the needs of a room is the first step to finding colors suited for your space. The next step is all about you. How do you want the room to look? What colors draw your attention? What mood are you trying to create? Continue reading for some Joanna Gaines-approved color choices for your home.

A blank canvas of whites and creams

If you're as much a fan of neutrals as Joanna, adopt her go-to shades. The search for the perfect neutral is over! A guide to selecting neutral shades for your space is available in the paint color guide provided by Magnolia. Creamy whites like Yarn, Shiplap, Quaint Cottage, and Garden Trowel are perfect for any home. These classic tones appear in multiple projects throughout the five seasons of "Fixer Upper." All-white walls completely open the space in a delightfully welcoming way.

Gaines showcases other popular neutral paint colors, such as Sherwin Williams Alabaster. This classic color is not only a favorite Joanna uses on the show but also a shade in her family's farmhouse renovation (via Happily Ever After, Etc.)Benjamin Moore Fieldstone is another option to consider. Painting your walls a neutral color prevents a room from feeling dated or stuck in a specific period. Neutral wall tones will let you get creative with accent items in other neutrals such as black, gray, and taupe.

Use pale grays to refresh a space

If you have ever seen a "Fixer Upper" home renovation, you know how much the bathroom above echoes Joanna Gaines' style. The gray-and-white color combinations complement one another from the floor to the ceiling. "In a bathroom, I like the idea of using something fresh and clean, like one of my favorite grays, Wedding Band," Gaines told Country Living. The bathroom pictured above is just that — a refreshing place to retreat after a long day.

Pale gray tones are warm and inviting colors. These neutral hues mesh wonderfully with many accent colors, from black to bronze. A neutral gray wall can be the perfect backdrop for framed art. Some colors you can find in homes renovated by the Gaines include Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay and Repose Gray, as seen in the "House of Symmetry" episode from Season 3 (via IMDb). While both colors are a shade of gray, they are different tones. Cool grays look wonderful under natural lighting and can instantly brighten a space. On the other hand, warmer ones will darken it. Pay attention to tone when finalizing your creative paint colors.

Combine dark grays and neutral colors

"Fixer Upper" fans know these classic smokey gray shades too well. Colors from Joanna Gaines' personal paint collection, such as Duke Gray, can be just the makeover your walls need. The inspiration for the name of this soft gray shade comes from one of the Gaines' sons. Stick to rustic "Fixer Upper" charm in your space by incorporating paint colors like Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray, or other Magnolia Home gray paints like Teak Cups and Cozy Up.

If dark gray colors already exist in your home and you want to add dimension, consider pairing the dark shade with a bright white or soft cream color. You can also embrace neutral tones in furniture. In a private tour of her home, Gaines chose dark grays and neutral tones (via Today). The combination of browns and grays is calming and serene — ideal for a baby. "I would recommend avoiding a monochromatic scheme of all gray," said Kristen Bufton, the senior designer for Magnolia, to House Beautiful. If the walls are already gray, more gray accents will wash out the design. The addition of brown tones breaks up the space and adds dimension, while the gray walls create a relaxing mood.

Alter the rooms atmosphere with moody greens

Joanna and Chip were busy during their show's hiatus and began renovating a coffee shop, Magnolia Press Coffee, in their hometown of Waco, Texas. As with some of her home renovations, Gaines uses paints inspired by her collection. Crafted in partnership with KILZ, 1905 Green is making its debut. "I love the way this moody dark green comes to life on the walls, balancing depth and sophistication with familiarity and comfort," Gaines told Architectural Digest while discussing the new jewel-toned green in her coffee shop. Colors have a way of choosing the person, and Gaines shared how she was "drawn to two-different colors." So much so that this new shade of green was born.

Add this shade to your DIY project list this summer and give an old space a new look. Whether it's the kitchen or mudroom in your house, try painting the walls with this rich green color. There are also 40 other shades of green in the Magnolia Home paint collection, such as Magnolia Green or Regal Leaf.

Select from creamy beiges and greiges

Is it beige? Is it gray? Is it both? The answer is yes, yes, and yes. The color is known as 'greige,' and your eyes are not deceiving you. Greige colors are a wonderful blend of gray and beige tones that add richness and flexibility to a design. Depending upon the light source, this wall color can appear like either of those tones. It may even seem to change before your eyes as the lighting changes in the space throughout the day. The ratio of beige and gray pigments in the paint will determine if the color is a cool or warm neutral.

When choosing which greige to use in your space, consider some popular ones that often inspire Joanna's farmhouse-style renovations. According to The Spruce, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, or Magnolia Home Yarn are some stunning shades to use throughout the home.

Opt for nature-inspired greens

This next paint shade may be just the color to coat the walls in your home for a fresh new look. What color says fresh better than a vibrant green? The featured green shades in "Fixer Upper" often take inspiration from nature. Joanna Gaines notes her signature color Magnolia Green is "fresh, simple, and timeless" to Homes & Gardens. Bring this feeling into your home by painting some of the walls a gorgeous green color.

Rooms with green walls evoke a sense of balance in a home. This sensation is one that Joanna is known for manifesting in her home renovations since the first season of "Fixer Upper." Green colors can be calming and an easy color to use for decoration. They pair well with other finishes and wood tones, such as walnut and oak. Gaines suggests these wood tones can have a "more refined, primitive aesthetic" combined with green paint. Some of the designer's other favored green hues include Aspen Leaf and Demo Day.

Add beautiful blues to the kitchen

If you want to add dramatic color to your space, consider where you want to use it first. Bold paint color can be a wise choice if you need to create contrast in an environment. A kitchen, for example, is the place to experiment with a bold color selection, like a beautiful blue. This shade may be the perfect choice for a kitchen island or cabinetry. If you decide to go bold in this area, "keep the walls neutral when using a prominent darker cabinet color," Magnolia senior designer Kristen Bufton told House Beautiful.

Dark and light kitchen cabinet combinations are a common element that Gaines incorporates in her home renovations. This kitchen remodel features all-white cabinets on one side of the room and blue-gray paint for the island cabinets. This balance is ideal. Gaines highlights the blue tones in other kitchen accents, such as the blue striped area rug. Magnolia Home paint offers beautiful blue paint colors like Secondhand Find and Coffee Nook.

Avoid plum tones

When you look at the picture above, what colors do you see? The Joanna Gaines-designed guest space is full of dark navy blue hues, crisp white tones, black metal accents, and neutral shades. What you don't see is purple and orange. "Purple and orange are the hardest colors for me," Gaines told Country Living. Even in the most subtle and muted tones, these colors can be challenging to blend into a neutral aesthetic, especially with paint.

If your heart is calling you to incorporate one or both of these shades, utilize the paint on small features in the room, like railings, pulls, handles, and trims. You can use colors like Webster Avenue or Pashmina Plum for a pop of color on accent elements. For a bold statement, paint a bedroom accent wall or a hallway Prairie Smoke. This shade has beautiful purple hues and gray undertones and is a surprisingly neutral purple for a home (via Magnolia Home).

Get creative with matte black finishes

If you are a fan of "Fixer Upper," you probably have shiplap somewhere in your home or plan to use it. Shiplap is one of Joanna Gaines' favorite materials, and she often uses it for the renovations on her show. Typically showcased in a neutral tone, this material can be painted over for a one-of-a-kind custom look. For a genuine "Fixer Upper”-inspired room in your house, consider painting the shiplap a dark matte black color, per HGTV. Create a unique feature wall in the dining area with her favorite shade.

Magnolia Home offers dark shades such as Fine Black and Blackboard to recreate this look in your home. This combination of material and color will produce an accent wall that will impress Joanna and help define your square footage in an open layout. You can add a matching wall shelf for a place to display trinkets and plants. These decorative elements will create additional moments of texture and personality and help make a house feel like a home.

Find muted dark shades for trim

Paint isn't just for walls. "One thing I feel like I've loved doing this past year that I can't wait to incorporate more of in more unique ways is trim work," Gaines said to Country Living. For a trending "Fixer Upper"-inspired paint idea, paint your wall trim or staircase in a dark, moody color. Gaines has been incorporating this concept into her own designs, suggesting that using a muted tone is ideal for non-risk takers who can't quite commit to covering a whole wall, much less two, three, or even four.

This toned-down paint idea can be done with practically any shade and is a friendly way to add color on a small scale. "Even though it's a muted color, it can be a bold accent," Gaines continued. Update your space by channeling Joanna's favorite dark shades like Aspen Stone or Texas Storm by Magnolia Home. Kendall Charcoal and Urbane Bronze by Benjamin Moore are also good options. Using paint to decorate these elements will instantly elevate your space and accentuate a room's character.

Choose bright or toned-down yellows

The paint color for your "Fixer Upper"-inspired home is none other than yellow. Commonly used on the show for accenting a space, this bright color can be toned down for a more pleasing palette and used in other areas of the house. Besides accenting a sofa, try to find a place for a brushstroke of yellow to liven up the room. What would Joanna do? Paint an accent wall? Perhaps a door?

Die-hard fans know that yellow was a signature color on the show's exit from primetime. According to SFGate, Gaines used yellow for a pop of vibrancy on the front door for the series finale of "Fixer Upper." This muted yellow shade is Magnolia Heirloom Yellow, and it's perfect for complementing existing neutral tones in your home. If you can't paint your door, focus your painting efforts on the walls and furniture pieces in your home.

Showcase soft blush pinks

Soft pinks contrast beautifully with subtle green tones, neutral creams, and wood floors. Bright pops of color are not necessary for every room, but they work well as a feature shade in a bedroom or bathroom. Blush pink tones are pleasant and calming. Who wouldn't want that feeling in their home? They also introduce vintage vibes into any space. Try taking this inspirational color from accent elements to the walls. Consider painting the walls in a child's bedroom, primary suite, or bathroom a subtle shade of pink. Make pink paint the star of the show by featuring it front and center in your design.

Ace Hardware features iconic colors inspired by "Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines, such as Ella Rose. If you're a fan of the Gaines family, this paint name should be familiar to you as it's Joanna and Chip's eldest daughter's name. Enrich your space with other blush tones like Cabbage Rose and Dutch Tulip, which are all found in the Magnolia Home collection.

Decorate with unexpected dark reds

When you walk through the door of one of the Gaines' renovations, you may expect to see some typical colors, including white, gray, and black. A brilliant pop of red may not necessarily jump to mind for the interior of a home. However, it can be just the one for your home's exterior. "I do think the right shade of red can add character to a front door and is great for curb appeal," Gaines told Real Simple. While not fully renovated, the Texas home above showcases a red door that adds a classic touch to a home.

If your decor needs a focal point, consider using unconventional colors to paint your front door. Take it from black, blue, or green to red. Red doors on the front of a house are vibrant and luxurious. As one of the curb appeal tips we learned from "Fixer Upper," this pigmentation makes your front door visible from a distance and instantly draws the eye. Make a show-stopping statement on your front porch with a door painted in Sherwin Williams Ablaze or Magnolia Home Vine Ripened Tomato.

Don't be afraid of bold colors

Decorating any room in the house can seem daunting, even for experienced decorators. However, experience is not necessary. Just channel your inner Joanna Gaines and trust that sometimes a little bold color is what the space needs. Paint can change the atmosphere with a single brush stroke. "Your eye will gravitate towards the colors that are right for you," Gaines told Country Living. If you're unsure how the color will look, try it out in a smaller space. It's best to "go with your gut," as Gaines suggests. Consider adding brighter shades of Magnolia Home paints such as pale green Summer Hay, a mustard shade like Heirloom Yellow, or a powder blue like Vibrant Horizon.

If you want to utilize a bold color somewhere else in the home, try your new color choice on a piece of furniture. A fresh coat of bright paint on an old or thrifted wood table can bring the item back to life and add personality. If it can be reused or upcycled, keep it and update it. You don't have to have a Waco, Texas area code to decorate your home with these "Fixer Upper"-inspired paint colors.