Think Twice Before Using Scent Booster Beads On Laundry Day

Most people can agree that the smell of fresh laundry is one of the best scents out there, and you may have been drawn in by the promise that scent booster beads will make your laundry come out of the machine smelling better than ever. Sometimes, your laundry is clean but doesn't retain that freshly-washed smell, which is where scent beads come in. However, though they may make your laundry smell delightful, they could actually be harming your washing machine. 

Not only can they cause damage to your machine, but scent booster beads can also cause issues like allergic reactions and skin sensitivity, as well as potentially leaving marks similar to bleach stains on your clothing. This doesn't mean you should stop using them immediately, but more that you should be aware of the possible risks of throwing scent boosters into the wash alongside your clothes. Here's everything you need to know about why they may not be the best option for your machine, your clothes, or even your skin.

They may smell nice, but scent beads could be causing more harm than good

Scent beads work by dissolving in your washing machine, but sometimes the dissolving process doesn't go as planned, leaving your washing machine at risk and incurring a repair fee. Speaking to Homes & Gardens, appliance technician Jason Carter revealed what happens when the beads don't dissolve as they should, sharing, "I recall a specific case where a customer's front load washer experienced a drainage issue due to a build-up of undissolved beads in the drain pump." Though the client's machine did work properly once the beads had been removed, you may want to avoid using them at all if you're worried about a similar issue happening to you.

Not only could scent beads clog your pipes, but they can wreak havoc on other parts of your washing machine, too. Lifestyle blogger Sarah Clemence told H&G that the fragranced oil within the scent beads she used caused the machinery of her washer to clog, meaning her clothes weren't washed properly. While you can clean your washing machine, the oil from scent beads can also lead to problems like residue left on your clothes and clothes coming out of the wash with an odd texture.

The beads can cause itching, irritation, and other issues

If you have sensitive skin, it's important to note that many scent beads contain powerful perfumes that could cause further irritation. Though not all beads will have irritation-causing ingredients, it's best to steer clear full stop if you are prone to hives or allergic reactions. Instead of using scent beads, you could try adding half a cup of white vinegar to your laundry for a similar deodorizing effect. Alternatively, technician Jason Carter told H&G that wool dryer balls mixed with essential oils will make your clothes smell nice without the unwanted side effects.

Another downside of scent beads is that they can actually leave marks on your clothing. As mentioned earlier, this can be leftover residue that requires another wash to remove, or a stain that doesn't come out at all. Because of this, we recommend testing out scent beads on inexpensive clothing just in case any marks or stains do occur. Moreover, scent beads are extremely toxic if ingested, and their small size means they're dangerous to have around if you live with pets or small children. Though scent beads are not necessarily dangerous, you can make a more informed decision on whether to use them by knowing the risks they carry.