Unsure Of Your Design Style? Bobby Berk Explains How To Uncover It - Exclusive

Searching the internet for design inspiration for your space can be exhausting. You could love the relaxing vibe that Boho elements bring or have hopes of including something more classic in your design instead — but with so many incredible ideas out there, it can be hard to commit to one and decide exactly what would be right for you in your home.

In the end, interior design is all about personal expression, so sticking to your design style is a must. But if you have no idea how to even describe your true design style, no need to fear. You're not the only one.

Luckily, interior designer and "Queer Eye" star Bobby Berk is here to help you. His upcoming book, "Right at Home: How Good Design is Good for the Mind," explores exactly how to uncover your true design style. It turns out that the first step is a lot easier than you may think: It's all about deciphering what's important to you in life. "You should start with the things that you're passionate about. Your space is going to evolve from there," Berk explained during an exclusive interview with House Digest.

Your lifestyle can help inspire your design style

While designing for the clients on "Queer Eye" — or any other clients — Bobby Berk often asks them questions that you wouldn't necessarily expect to hear during a design consultation. "I'm like, 'What's your favorite show?'" he explained to House Digest.

Taking time to think about some of your favorite things in life can be helpful when designing the perfect space for yourself. For instance, you could consider the look of your dream vacation, the aesthetic of your television show of choice, or even the texture of your favorite article of clothing. "If it's a flannel plaid shirt, you'll probably like some plaids in your design," Berk shared. "If it's a leather jacket, you'll probably like some leather accents in your design. If it's a chunky cable knit sweater, you're probably going to like some chunky cable knit pillows or throws."

Your loves in life are what will lead you exactly to your design style, he says. Incorporating textures, colors, and other items you enjoy into your space is truly what will make it feel like home in the end — and bringing all of these elements together will create a design style that describes you perfectly. "And it's going to be a space that helps you recharge," Berk said.

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