Banish Stinky Odors From Your Home With This Simple DIY Linen Spray

Your home is your haven, so naturally you'd like it to smell pleasant. Alas, stinky odors from dirty laundry, appliances, carpets, furniture, and other items can make your otherwise clean home seem dirty. While store-bought fresheners can help you eliminate the stench, the ingredients used to manufacture synthetic fragrances could trigger your allergies and lead to other health complications. Moreover, these expensive fresheners' volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can degrade your home's air quality. Thankfully, you can prepare a simple DIY linen spray by combining vodka, water, and essential oil scents to banish stinky odors from your home.

A pleasant-smelling home won't just allow you to relax but will also help leave a good first impression on your guests. This inexpensive linen spray allows you to easily avoid harmful chemicals and create a unique scent that works for you. Moreover, it's eco-friendly, as it doesn't contain aerosols. For best results, either use a new spray bottle or wash the old one thoroughly to keep lingering scents from reacting with your DIY spray.

Combine vodka, essential oils, and water

To banish stinky odors from your home, combine 3 ounces of vodka with 20 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oil scent, which could be lavender, lemon, or rose. It's best to use an oil that's lightly-colored so as to avoid staining linens. For your home freshener, you can use just one oil or combine multiple scents to create a distinct aroma. Then, add 1 ½ cups of distilled or filtered water to dilute the solution, and stir it with a spoon to mix all the ingredients. Once done, simply pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and your DIY linen spray is ready to take on all the stinky odors in your home. For optimal results, shake the bottle before spraying.

This inexpensive linen spray works as a home freshener due to the presence of the vodka and essential oils. Besides having disinfectant properties and helping you clean items in your home like mattresses, vodka leaves no odor behind after it dries. Because of this, it serves as the ideal base for the DIY spray and is an excellent emulsifier that combines the oil and water. Further, its high alcohol content promotes the dispersion of the spray and keeps your home smelling pleasant for a long time. As for the essential oils, their aroma is delightful and can help you feel at ease.