The Painter's Tape Hack That'll Make Messy Paint Spills A Thing Of The Past

Painting is a messy job. You get paint splatter on the floor, drips run down the handles and onto your hands, and paint gets all over the paint cans. Some say it's just part of the job, but there is one paint hack worth trying if you want to keep the mess to a minimum. Specifically, if you want to keep your paint cans clean. That might seem like a minor detail to focus on — especially when you're trying to protect your floors or furniture from rogue paint splatter — but it's an important thing to keep tidy. That's because too much paint on the can will cover the paint name and brand, making it difficult to reference a few years later when you need to do touchups. But even worse, if paint gets into the can rim, where the lid is supposed to sit flush, you won't be able to close the can correctly, allowing air in and ruining the paint. To prevent that, you should use a clever painter's tape hack. 

The idea is to use painter's tape to create a spout in the can, allowing the paint to flow out neatly. This will prevent any drips from falling over the front of the can, protecting the label. It will also protect the lid grooves, ensuring you won't have to spend time wiping away wet paint or scraping out dried bits. Here's how to do it.

How to use painter's tape to create a spout

This is a game-changer for minimizing messes, and it's super easy to do. All you need to do is grab your favorite painter's tape and rip off two strips. Create a "v" with them over the edge of the can, joining the two pieces at the tip. For added protection, wrap painter's tape around the entire can as well, just under the rim. This will not only secure the "v" in place, but add an extra barrier for the paint to drip over. If it gets messy, you can simply remove the tape and still have a clean label underneath.

When it's time to pour the paint into your tray, tip the can toward the "v," treating it like a spout. The paint should pour cleanly over it without any drips or splatters. When it's time to store the paint, simply remove the angled tape and put the lid back on. And that's it! That's all you need to do for a mess-free paint experience.