You've Been Using Laundry Pods Wrong All Along And Had No Idea

Lugging around heavy bottles of laundry detergent is far from ideal. And dealing with messy spills and measuring mishaps only makes matters worse. Thankfully, single-use laundry pods have completely transformed the laundry game. They provide a blend of convenience and cleanliness wrapped up in one neat package. All you have to do is simply toss one in, relax, and revel in the refreshing scent ... right? Well, that is until you discover streaks or residue of detergent left on your clothing, leading to a whole new laundry woe.

Is it possible that the issue lies with your washer? However, the packaging suggests that it is suitable for all types. Maybe it is the water temperature? Or perhaps the quick cycle was not the ideal choice and did not allow the pod to dissolve fully. If you find yourself constantly dealing with this frustrating problem, it is possible that you've been using laundry pods incorrectly all this time. In fact, the best method for using laundry pods is to add them to the machine before placing the clothes inside.

Add laundry pods first

Tossing laundry pods in the drum first is essential to ensure the proper dissolution of the pod. By doing so, they can receive sufficient water to break down completely. Single-dose laundry pods are water-soluble and must dissolve entirely to avoid leaving any unwanted spots or stains on your clothes. If you mistakenly place the pod in last, it tends to be closer to the door, where no water is dispensed. This means you are relying on the machine to reposition the pod to an area with enough water, which can cause it to become tangled in the clothes.

Laundry pods are also designed to dissolve in both cold and hot water temperatures — as long as they come into contact with the water. Adding the detergent pack to the empty tub before the clothes allows the pod to receive unobstructed water and clean clothes thoroughly, regardless of the temperature. So, the next time you tackle that mountain of laundry, remember to place the pod in the drum first and then add the clothing for a spotless clean.