A Piece Of Cardboard Is All You Need To Make Painting Multiple Rooms Easier

Painting is a popular home DIY task, with over 300 gallons of paint being used in one year alone, according to Statista. However, if the job of painting multiple rooms is dawning upon you, your mind may be considering the most efficient way to complete the task. While you may opt for your usual drop sheets, there is a much more efficient solution – upgrading your painting sheets with some cardboard could make the task much smoother. 

The focus of this hack is attaching cardboard squares to the corners of the sheets, which in turn should make the whole process more streamlined, especially if you need to paint more than one room. If you're looking to upgrade your methods for this particular task, start by finding some sturdy leftover cardboard pieces. Then, you should be able to nail down this hack and get painting in no time – who knew cardboard could come in so handy!

Use cardboard on your painting sheets

For the trick itself,  all you need is your painting sheet, several pieces of cardboard, and something to attach the two together, such as duct tape. Take a square piece of cardboard and attach it to one corner of your painting sheet, ensuring it's nice and secure before moving on to the opposite one. Repeat this process for each corner of the sheet until all four corners have some cardboard. If you only have thin pieces of cardboard, you can layer them to create something more solid. 

To prepare for your painting session, you should also ensure that you tape your room before painting. If you're struggling to find cardboard for this trick around your home, you could always ask around or find some online. You could even use cardboard from any old delivery packaging that you have stored away. Once you have the correct material, it should be plain sailing from there. However, why does the cardboard work so well in this instance?

Cardboard makes maneuvering a breeze

When it comes to this hack, the cardboard gives you much more maneuverability, allowing you to easily fold the drop sheet and thus move around with ease. The cardboard also helps to fit the drop sheet snugly into corners. Likewise, if your painting sheet is light, cardboard corners add weight, which helps prevent it from blowing around. This makes the whole process much more manageable when you're moving from room to room. 

This trick is also incredibly simple, even for newbies. Of course, if you don't have any cardboard, you could always try using some leftover paperboard. While it may not be as good as cardboard, it may still help to do the trick. And, if you want to create less mess and streamline your process while painting, you could combine this hack with other time-saving tricks, such as poking holes in your paint cans while you're using them. This should again help minimize your clean-up time when working through several rooms.