How To Use Trash Bags To Naturally Heat Your Pool

A heated pool is always great for a more enjoyable swim. It takes away the cold shock and relaxes the body. If you don't have a pool heating system, however, you can use trash bags as a creative and low-cost way to heat your pool. Black trash bags can heat the pool because their color allows them to absorb a significant amount of sunlight, creating heat that is then transferred to the pool water. The trash bags also act as an insulating layer on the water's surface, preventing heat loss from the pool through evaporation.

While this method works if you need to raise your water temperature quickly, keep in mind that its impact might be limited due to various factors — like the time of day and the amount of sunlight available. This technique is best used as a quick, simple hack instead of a replacement for your main system for heating the pool.

How to do this

To heat your pool using this low-cost method, you'll need some large, black trash bags. Thick contractor-grade bags work best. Then, float enough of them to cover the surface of the pool. If they're directly under the sun, the heat they absorb will eventually transfer to the water. Another way to use trash bags to heat your pool easily is to use them with hula hoops or pool noodles. Place either of these inside the bags and seal them with electrical tape so water doesn't get in. They will float in place on top of the pool as seen in this TikTok video.

The efficiency of this hack depends on the size of your pool. If you have a small kiddie's pool, it can be quick, but a huge pool will need more patience and more bags. It is also worth noting that this hack won't work as well in the evenings or in cold weather since it is so dependent on the heat of the sun.