The Garden Staple Martha Stewart Uses As An Indoor Plant Stand

Whether you're looking for ideas to make your place look posh on a budget or you just have better things to spend your money on, you can always count on Martha Stewart for great home decoration hacks. This time, she's prompting you to head to the garden or your local garden center to get your main component for a plant stand. What's the inexpensive item you'll need to complete this clever hack? A simple, round tomato cage.

These usually sell for $5 each or less, so you might even feel like you can splurge and pick up more than one. They come in various colors like red, green, black, and silvery metal. If desired, you could use a tomato cage without painting it if the color works with your décor. However, Stewart suggests painting one gold in an Instagram post, which would add a touch of sophistication when used indoors. Best of all, aside from the painting, this do-it-yourself project is super simple and quick to accomplish. 

How to make a tomato cage plant stand

Don't you just love an easy-yet-functional (and pretty!) DIY project? Making a tomato cage plant stand covers all those bases. The first step, after procuring your round tomato cage, is cutting off the spindly feet that usually go in the ground with a pair of heavy-duty scissors or tin snips. If you want to create a stand for a larger pot, cut the cage down to the second ring. Smoothing the rough edges where you cut the wire with sandpaper will give it a more polished look.

After that easy prep, if you want to follow Martha Stewart's guidance, all you need to do is spray paint the cage gold. However, in actuality, you can paint the cage any color you'd like. To make the piece match, coordinate it with your décor or the planter you'll be placing on top. Once the paint is completely dry, just flip it over so the larger side is on the ground and you're ready to place a plant in your amazing new stand.