The Affordable Hack That Transforms Simple IKEA Vases Into Trendy Decor

Have you ever discovered a chic home decor item and found yourself disappointed by its exorbitant price? It seems like prices are skyrocketing across the board, but some home decor items are simply out of control. If you can relate to this frustration, keep reading because this affordable TikTok hack will elevate your home without breaking the bank. And it involves a simple upgrade to the PÅDRAG vase from IKEA.

Now, let's get one thing straight – the PÅDRAG vase from IKEA does look great on its own. However, with this effortless DIY hack, you can take this budget-friendly vase to new heights. All you'll need is two of these store-bought vases, some glue, and a bit of craft paint spray. The end result will be an exquisite and stylish decor piece that will deceive anyone in the room. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this trendy look.

Transforming IKEA PÅDRAG vases into stylish accents

To get started, you will need two IKEA PÅDRAG vases. For those who don't have the privilege of living near this beloved blue and yellow retail paradise, don't fret! These highly sought-after glass gems can also be easily purchased online. In addition to the vases, you will need a glass-compatible adhesive like Gorilla Glue, as well as a primer and a craft paint spray to achieve the desired texture. Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Begin by turning one vase upside down and applying the adhesive to its base. Next, carefully attach the second vase in an upright position. Be sure to give the glue enough time to dry completely before moving on to the next steps.

Next, proceed to spray the entire assembled piece with an all-purpose primer. This step is crucial as the primer creates a slightly rough surface, which will help the subsequent texturizing paint spray adhere to the glass. Once you have applied the base, allow it sufficient time to dry. Afterward, you can unleash your creativity by spraying textured craft paint onto the vase. While cream may exude a charming look, feel free to let your imagination roam wild and experiment with various colors for your desired aesthetics. And just like that, you have now transformed simple IKEA vases into trendy decor for your home!