TikTok's Brilliant Pendant Light Hack Requires Absolutely No Wiring

When we install new lighting, it can become a tad fiddly if we do it ourselves. However, if you want stylish pendant lighting in your space without the hassle of wires, then this TikTok hack by @clare.sullivan_ could be your saving grace. All it requires is a rope, your light-fitting of choice, adhesive strips, and a battery-operated light to fit inside. That's it. Not only does this make the entire process much quicker, but you can also adapt the hack to your needs. This means that you can choose your lampshade and whatever you want to hang it from.

Of course, any experience you have fitting lighting will work to your advantage when trying this out. However, you should still be able to pull this off even if it's your first time. If anything, it should be much simpler than trying to work with wiring. Now for the meat of the hack. How can you achieve this look for yourself in your own space?

Replace the wire with another material

So, how can you make it yourself? For this pendant light hack, you first need to prepare. Taking to the video-sharing platform TikTok, the video-creator @clare.sullivan_ explains: "I'm using rope, and I'm painting it white till I give it, you know, a nicer effect. I took out the wires on this pendant, battery-operated remote control puck lights. Everyone should have these. They are amazing, and I'm going to install it with just command strips on the bottom of the pendant." To attach it to your ceiling, she recommends "[buying] a ceiling hook at the hardware store." However, you can use whatever material you want for this part — it doesn't necessarily have to be a rope. For example, you could use a chain. In terms of the leftover pendant wiring, you can recycle it if you have no more use for it. This ensures you create less waste.  

But why does this hack work so well? It all comes down to the materials you use. You have the power to wirelessly control the light while the rope replaces the wire. In essence, this hack mimics what a normal pendant light would be like — but in a wire-free way. So, if you want a pendant light with minimal hassle, you can use this hack pretty much anywhere in your home. You could even try making a DIY lamp if you want something that you can move around your home with ease.