How To DIY A Lamp From IKEA Products

Buying multiple lamps to display around your home can add up to a significant expense. While second-hand stores often have lamp options, they don't have a wide variety. Home improvement stores will bombard you with too many options that you won't know what to choose. However, if you enjoy DIYing home décor, try DIYing a lamp with IKEA products. You'd be surprised how well a carafe, round bowl, and battery-operated light bulb work together to give your space a stylish and luminous touch. Pinterest user Modern Interior Design Inspiration shows how to create the perfect glass lamp for an affordable price.

The DIY lamp closely resembles the viral glass mushroom lamp you might've seen on TikTok. Animated mushrooms have been one of the most popular décor trends on social media. They're on tea towels, teapots, mugs, décor pillows, baking mitts, and more — their shape has inspired vases. This DIY lamp will elevate your space even if you're not looking for a specific mushroom lamp. Here's how to recreate it.

How to DIY the lamp

You can place the DIY lamp you'll make in your living room, bedroom, or home office to give you some light whenever needed. You'll need a few IKEA products, such as the Karaff clear glass, Blanda glass bowl, and Ramsta LED mini lamp. The aforementioned Pinterest creator spray-painted her lamp with a stone marble color — you can purchase the same hue or choose a different color.

Start by spray painting the inside and outside of your bowl and let it completely dry. Then, spray paint the outside of your carafe (you don't have to spray the inside) and allow it to dry. Once the paint has set on both items, place the LED mini lamp on the opening of the carafe. The side with the lights should face inside the pitcher, with the end exposed at the top.

The light bulb won't completely fit into the glass, which is what you want. Finally, gently put the bowl over the light bulb and pitcher, and voilà, enjoy your new lamp. The LED light has double-sided tape, so you can tape it to the bowl for extra security. However, the lamp will hold up without the tape.

Opt for a DIY boho lamp with IKEA items

Another excellent way to DIY a lamp using IKEA products — as shown in this Hometalk video — is with some string and a basic lampshade. This DIY lamp is perfect if you thrifted a lamp stand but didn't have the right shade to match it. It will bring boho into your abode with a natural touch. You'll need the Skottorp lampshade, Vinterfint jute string, a LED light bulb, a hot glue gun, and scissors.

To get started, release the jute string from its package so that you don't have to unwind it along the way. Hot glue the yarn on the lampshade, starting from the bottom to the top. However, working from top to bottom works well if you want the string to look vertical on the lampshade. Transferring back and forth between the hot glue gun and the yarn is easier.

So, add the glue in a small section, then add the string and continue the step as you make your way around the whole lampshade. Once you reach the upper half, set the lamp on a higher platform so you're not holding it. When your glue the last section on the lampshade, cut the yarn, glue the last bit, and let it dry. After the glue has dried, place your lampshade on the stand and display it in your living room.