The Genius Way To Remove Wrinkles From Your Comforter Without An Iron

Fed up with wrinkles? And no, we're not referring to facial wrinkles here. It is the pesky creases on comforters that can really drive us mad. Even the tiniest of lines have the ability to disrupt the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your bedroom oasis. But before you grab that iron, this simple laundry hack will do the trick and remove the wrinkles from your comforter in a snap.

By using a spray bottle filled with water, you can put an end to this frustrating reality that affects even the highest-quality bedding. It doesn't matter if you have just taken your comforter out of the dryer or carefully selected the wrinkle-release dry cycle, those stubborn lines always have a way of coming back. Thankfully, there is an easy solution that doesn't involve using an iron. You can bid farewell to the endless struggle of smoothing out your comforter and say hello to crisp and inviting bedding with a simple spritz of water.

Banishing wrinkles with water

Start by filling a spray bottle with warm water. Mist the top of the comforter with the water, focusing on the areas where the creases are most visible. Next, apply gentle tension to the damp comforter and pull it tight to smooth out the lines. Initially, the comforter may look a bit odd, but there is no need to worry. The water will dry within a few minutes, leaving you with a wrinkle-free finish.

For an extra touch of fragrance, consider adding a small amount of fabric softener to the water mixture. Opting for a wrinkle-guard fabric softener will not only enhance the results but also leave a delightful, fresh scent on your comforter. This genius laundry hack offers a simple and iron-free solution for removing wrinkles from your comforter. The best part is that it is so simple you can add it to your bed-making routine every day.