Create A Behind-The-Door Storage Solution With Items You Might Have In Your Garage

Some household essentials can take up a lot of space in your linen closet or laundry room, especially paper towels. It would be hard to keep up with a daily cleaning schedule without a roll of paper towels handy, but why do they have to come in such large, bulky packages? A brilliant TikTok hack shared by creator @littlesuburbanfarmhouse demonstrates a creative way to use that wasted space behind your closet doors. All you need are two bungee cords and four small, over-the-door hooks, which you might already have in your garage. To complete this hack, place two of the hooks at the bottom and two at the top of the door, string the bungee cords vertically between them, and tuck paper towels, linens, and more behind the cords.

We love this idea because it's super simple, affordable, and uses a few items that you likely already have lying around your home. Plus, who doesn't love having more storage space in their overflowing closet? Learn more about the details behind this hack and how it can help you keep all your rollable items neat and tidy. 

Strap items to the door with bungee cords

Setting up this behind-the-door storage solution is remarkably easy. Slide two over-the-door storage hooks over the top edge of the door, then flip the other two upside down to slide them under the bottom edge of the door. The average door is about 80 inches tall, or roughly 6 feet and 8 inches. With this in mind, two 5 or 6-foot bungee cords should be the perfect size to stretch from hook to hook while providing a little bit of tension. Hook the end of one cord onto the upper door hook, then stretch it down and attach it to the lower door hook, and do the same with the other side.

This storage hack is a clever way to save space without any permanent changes, making it a totally renter-friendly DIY, and it works for so much more than just paper towels. Roll up your bath towels, beach towels, spare throw blankets, or sheet sets to slide behind the cords. It can even work in your clothes closet for storing rolled sweatshirts, hoodies, scarves, and more. Try placing smaller items like shoes and hats in a vacuum storage bag before sliding them behind the bungee cords. Just remember to be a little cautious with the tension. As one TikTok commenter joked, "It's all fun and games until one snaps in your face."