The TikTok-Approved 'Seashell' Painting Hack And Why People Love It

Paint is a great way to transform a space and breathe new life into a room's design. While it's a simple decor upgrade that most homeowners can tackle on their own, there are a few techniques that DIYers can employ to make their painting project look a little more professional. Using the right brushes is one of the first steps, but knowing how to use them will make all the difference. When it comes to tight places or small gaps, many are using the seashell method. This technique has been going viral on TikTok, where people have been using it to paint behind vents, door frames, light switches, and other tiny gaps to get a clean and straight finish without having to tape anything off. This technique can also be used for borders and corners, such as between the wall and ceiling.

With the seashell method, you apply pressure to the brush to create a flat, round shape to resemble a seashell while holding the brush vertically. The thin and flat edges allow the brush to easily slide into tight spots and apply paint without getting it on other features. The seashell method also allows for more even paint distribution and coverage, making a second coat of color much easier.

Employing the seashell method

By using the seashell method, the thin and rounded shape of the brush allows for tight corners and borders to be painted with ease. Start by holding the paintbrush vertically and pressing the bristles into the wall. Using a gentle circular motion, the bristles will fan out. Once the brush is in a seashell shape, you can move it to paint the desired area. It's important not to press too hard, which can lead to an uneven coat on the wall. Maintaining gentle, even pressure is essential for the best paint job.

While the motion is important to create the seashell shape, the type of brush still makes an impact on how well the hack will turn out. New brushes are the best option, as old brushes with missing bristles can make the paint job look uneven. The brush should also be soft so the bristles bend easily and don't lead to imperfections or a scratchy finish. However, if you're employing this method often, you may not want to invest in the most expensive brushes, as bending the bristles in this way can lead to damage. An affordable, decent-quality brush is best. The amount of paint on your brush is also a factor. You don't want to glob on too much, as that can affect how well the bristles fan out and cause the paint to drip.