The Potato Hack That Makes Removing Glass From Your Garbage Disposal A Breeze

Cleaning up shattered glass is always an intimidating task, but when it finds its way into the kitchen sink or, heaven forbid, the garbage disposal, it becomes even more overwhelming. However, a simple trick can help you retrieve the fragments and safely extract the glass from your garbage disposal unit. And what's the secret weapon in this mission? A familiar kitchen favorite: a potato.

Oh, the humble potato — ideal for fueling up on carbs and, of course, crafting crispy fries. But did you know that this starchy spud can also lend a hand in removing shattered glass from your garbage disposal? While dealing with anything in that dark abyss may seem like a nightmare, the reality is that removing broken glass from garbage disposals is a common occurrence. Thankfully, a simple potato hack has come to the rescue, making the task of removing glass from your garbage disposal a little less daunting.

Safety first, potato second

First and foremost, let's address the issue of safety. Anytime you find yourself needing to reach into the garbage disposal unit, whether it's to extract glass or any other fallen item, make sure that the power to the disposal is completely turned off. Unplug the unit and verify it is fully disconnected to prevent any horrible mishaps. A good rule of thumb (to keep your thumbs) is to refrain from placing your hand directly inside the disposal, regardless of whether the machine is off.

Now, with the power disconnected for safety, you can proceed with this helpful potato hack. Begin by using needle nose pliers to collect any larger pieces of glass. Once the larger shards are removed, choose a potato that is of suitable size to fit into the opening of the disposal, and cut off the bottom portion of the vegetable. As an additional precaution, you can use the pliers or a fork to pierce the spud and avoid placing your hand directly into the unit. With caution, gently push the potato, flesh-side facing down, into the bottom of the disposal. As you do this, the tiny glass fragments will embed themselves into the raw potato. Remove and repeat this process with another potato until you have successfully cleared all the shards of glass from your garbage disposal.